Govt Jobs Preparation (SSC/Bank/Railway)

Vocabulary Preparation Day 3 – Bank/SSC/Railway

lets start with Vocabulary Preparation Day 3. Hope you are building affinity towards the English by revising the old chapters of this stunt Vocabulary Preparation Day 2 and Vocabulary Preparation Day 1

Vocabulary Preparation Day 3 – Bank/SSC/Railway

word, meaning, use in sentence and synonym is given.

Missive: a letter, especially a long or official one, राजनीतिक संदेश

Sentence – The collector received missive to act on deteriorating situation ASAP.

Synonym – Letter, note (in official purpose), epistle

Relinquish – Voluntarily Give up, abandon

Sentence – Sonia Gandhi relinquished her president post for her son

Synonym – renounce, give away, hand over, resign from,

Ulterior – Intentionally hidden, secret, beyond what is visible, गुप्त

Sentence – You should be carefully of ulterior motive of strangers in train/bus.

Synonym – unapparent, concealed, covert,

Spree – उछल-कूद, a spell of unrestrained activities

Sentence – New year celebration spree started at 11 pm in bar near society.

Synonym – orgy, binge,

Clamour – A loud and confused noise, शोर

Sentence – Birthday celebration of bachelors created clamor in society last night.

Synonym – chaos, din, uproar, tumult, babel, commotion

Hue & Cry – a loud clamour

Sentence – Instead of hue & cry, you should put your point in written so that principal can have a look on it

That’s all on Vocabulary Preparation Day 3. Please comment your views.

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  1. essay ya letter ke liye words keitne

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