Govt Jobs Preparation (SSC/Bank/Railway)

Vocabulary Preparation Day 2 – SSC/Bank/Railway

Guys lets start with Vocabulary Preparation Day 2 for SSC/Bank/Railway exams. I am also aspirants of govt jobs and sharing my notes with you in proper way.

All the candidates preparing for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, SBI PO, IBPS PO etc can refer these words and try to remember these.

Vocabulary Preparation Day 2

Lets start

Camouflage – छलावरण, Disguising something by painting to hide from something, army personal use to wear tree leap and color their cheek to match with surroundings.

Sentence: The rabbit’s white fur act as camouflage in snow.

Synonym: disguise, concealment, trick, hoax

Baffle – चकरा देना, completely perplexed, completely bewilder 

Sentence: Ram performance on independence day baffled many haters.

Synonym: perplex, puzzle. bewilder, mystify, bemuse, confound

Affinity: Natural liking of something, लगाव

Sentence: We have affinity of bad habits and find difficult in overcoming them.

Synonym: likeness

Affection: A gentle feeling of liking or fondness 

Sentence: We have great affection towards our parents.

Synonym: tenderness, fondness, endearment, warmth

Contemporary – occurring in present, समकालीन, a person existing at the same time as another person

Sentence: Instead of going for mission 2030, govt should focus on contemporary issues.

Synonym: concurrent, peer, coeval

Lore – शिक्षा, knowledge of a subject/traditions passed from one person to another by word of mouth

Sentence: Lore was passed around on how this temple built here.

Synonym: mythology, folklore

Interlocutor – a person who takes part in dialogues. वार्ताकार

Sentence: Govt has assigned interlocutor on kashmir issue to bring the peace in valley.


Prorogue – Postpone, discontinue a session of parliament, स्थगित करना

Sentence: Only president of India can prorogue the session of parliament.

Synonym: Defer, postpone, adjourn

This is all for today preparation, revise these words Vocabulary Preparation Day 2 and practice in daily routine.

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