Govt Jobs Preparation (SSC/Bank/Railway)

Vocabulary Preparation Day 1 – SSC/Bank/Railway

Vocabulary Preparation Day 1 – All the aspirants who are preparing for govt exam and facing a turmoil in English can prepare with me.

Here you will get 15 words on daily basis with complete explanation of meaning, synonym, antonym and sentence framing with the word.

All words are extremely helpful as per the govt job point of view.

Vocabulary Preparation Day 1

Lets Start for Day 1.

Word Meaning (Hindi/English) Sentence Synonym
Mundane The one who lacks excitement or dull person

सांसारिक (On earthly world rather than a spiritual one)

Ravi is mundane when it comes to technical stuff. humdrum, tedious, monotonous

Worldly, Secular, Temporal

Atrocity Crucial act of physical violence, नृशंसता Atrocities across nation are rising on cow slaughtering matters, said party leader. Cruelty, Barbarity, Vicious, Savagery
Vitriol Bitter Criticism, व्यंग्य Party leaders are doing vitriolic attacks on govt for demonetization. Acrimonious, Caustic, mordant, Sarcastic, Irony, Acerbic
Vile Extremely unpleasant, नीच, निकम्मा Mr Ayyar apologized for calling Mr Modi a vile man. Foul, Nasty, Atrocious, obnoxious, Abominable, Odious
Malice Intention to harm someone, ill-will Corruption charges on Mr Raja, in 2G scam, was malicious attempt by opposition, Said party spokesperson. Spite, ill-will, Venom, Vitriol, Acrimony
Boulder A large rock, कंकर He clambered over boulder in mid of river rock, stone
Dissenter holding opinion which are opposite to commonly accepted opinion, भिन्नमतावलम्बी Dissenter views regarding company policies led to mukesh resignation from the secretary post. rejectionist, dissident, dissentient
Seer भविष्यद्वक्ता, A person who suppose supernatural power to see the future, पैग़ंबर A seer foretold good monsoon for Northern India.

Here, foretold means–> future, forecast

sibyl, soothsayer, prophet, Augur
Sabotage Damage/obstruct deliberately for political/military gain, नाकाम करना Opposition sabotaging behavior is adjourning parliament session.A lo Wreck, Vandalized (in sense of property), disrupt, obstruct
Canard False or fabricated story The newspaper was sued for canard story about Jay Shah, Son of Mr Amit Shah hoax
Paramour Illicit lover of married person, अवैध प्रेमी she and her paramour meet in hotel regularly. A lover, Inamorata, Concubine

Repeat Vocabulary Preparation Day 1 and try to relate these words with your real life routine.

Always Remember – Practice makes perfect.


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