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SSC MTS Letter Writing in Descriptive Paper – TIER 2 Preparation Guide

SSC MTS Letter Writing in Descriptive Paper – We have been receiving request on type of letter SSC ask in MTS TIER 2, hence, we thought of clarify the doubt of aspirants by discussing Letter Writing in detail here.

हम अनुरोध प्राप्त कर रहे हैं,  एसएससी वर्णनात्मक पेपर में किस तरह का पत्र पूछता है, इसलिए हम पत्र लिख करके उम्मीदवारों के संदेह को स्पष्ट करने के बारे में सोचा हैं। यहां पत्र लिखने और सुझावों पर विस्तृत जानकारी प्राप्त करें

SSC MTS Letter Writing

SSC MTS Letter Writing in Descriptive Paper (एसएससी एमटीएस पत्र लेखन वर्णनात्मक पेपर)

If you look at the pattern of SSC MTS TIER 2, you will find that it is descriptive paper in which you need to write either Essay or Letter. Here you need to pay attention that you can write only one thing. Either you can write letter (formal/informal) or you can write Essay from given topics.

Exam Type: Descriptive Paper

Syllabus: Letter Writing/Essay Writing

Nature of Exam: Only Qualifying in nature

Want to see in detailSSC MTS Descriptive Paper Pattern

Type of Letter in SSC MTS

You will get two type of Letter in SSC MTS Descriptive Paper, Formal Letter and Informal Letter.

here we will discuss sample letter for Both the type of letter.

lets start with Formal letter pattern,

Formal Letter in SSC MTS Descriptive Paper:

Question of formal letter will be as below sample question.

Questions: Imagine you are Radhika from Govind Nagar, Punjab, write a letter of complaint to the Sub Divisional Officer of Electricity against the frequent breakdown of electricity in your locality.


House No. 45
Sohini Market, Govind Nagar

December 15, 2017

Sub Divisional Officer

P.S.E.B (Punjab State Electricity Board)

Subject: Complaint against frequent breakdown of electricity in Sohini Market Area.


I would like to draw your kind attention towards frequent breakdown of electricity in Sohini Market Area. The low voltage and frequent tripping of electricity in this area has become almost a daily routine. Except for two hours daily electricity cut off, frequent spasmodic breakdown of electricity is simply nightmarish. At night one is left half through the meals at the dining table. During the day, there is no relief, no comforts and no protection from the sultry weather.

Besides this, low voltage of electricity has damaged electric lamps, tubes and other electric appliances. Many times complaints have been lodged with your office but no permanent solution to this menace has been found. There is always some defect in wires or in the transformer. These are in a need to be replaced. Only then the proper supply of electricity can be restored to this locality.

I hope you will look into the matter at the earliest and redress our grievance.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Informal Letter in SSC MTS Descriptive Paper

Question of informal letter will be as below sample question.

Questions: You are radhe, Write a letter to your younger brother, sunil, advising him on saving money & being financially aware.

B,38 Agnipath Apartments,
211001, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
December 15, 2017

Dear Sunil,

How are you? I hope you are doing fine, here mother and father are also doing well. It’s been a while since we got in touch so I finally decided to write you a letter. You seem to be having such a great time in your new college and city that you chose to stay back in college even during vacations.

Yesterday father paid your credit card bill, he didn’t say a word but I could sense how disappointed he was! Not like an elder sister but a friend I would advise you to check on your expenses. I understand the enthusiasm of being all by oneself in a new city, the fun in roaming around with friends as I have been there and done that. It is good to step out in the world and live to the fullest but at the same time, we have to be judicious.

Parents are willingly paying for all the expenses as they don’t want you to lose any opportunity and experience but it is you who should be taking care of how wisely the money is used. Try to be holistic in approach and define your priorities. Chalk out a list of your daily expenses and strike out all the unnecessary once, try to stick by the list for a week or so gradually you will be able to cut down the extras.

As they say “a penny saved is a penny earned” therefore, handle the money given to you with maturity and yet continue to live life king size as the best things in life are free. At the end, I would like to wish you all the luck with your studies and other endeavours. We all miss you badly so try to come as we all can’t wait to see you.

Yours Loving,

Important tips of Letter Writing

Follow below format of for informal and formal Letter writing,

Informal Letter Format

  • Address (Personal/Recipient’s)
  • Date
  • Salutation/Greeting
  • Beginning
  • Main Content
  • Ending
  • Signature

Formal Letter Format

  • Sender’s address (Top left)
  • Date (Just below sender’s address)
  • Receiver’s address
  • Salutation (sir, ma’am) if not sure about gender just write ‘sir’
  • Subject: (Mention the problem in 5 to 10  words)
  • Body of letter (3 to 5 paragraphs) body will include Intro, Main content and Conclusion
  • Thanking you.
  • Yours faithfully/truly
  • Signature

hope this article on SSC MTS Letter Writing in Descriptive Paper 2017 is valuable to your preparation. please comment if any questions.


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