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SSC CPO Medical 2019-2020 – SSC CPO SI/ASI Medical details & Experience

SSC CPO Medical 2019-20: All the candidates who will successfully clear the physical exam will be called for Medical Test. It is just check that you fulfill all the medical criteria and does not have any deficiency in your body. Which may create problem later on during your duty time as Sub Inspector or Assistant Sub Inspector.

List of Male candidates qualified in paper 2 and eligible for medicaldirect link

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list of female candidates qualified in paper 2 and eligible for medicaldirect link

SSC CPO Medical Test

The posts you will get under SSC CPO are SI in Delhi Police, SI in CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) and Assistant Sub Inspector in CISF (Central Industrial Security Force). If you further decode the posts then you may get Sub Inspector post in SSB, ITBP and BSF as well.

SSC CPO Medical Test 2019-2020

So moving to the discussion “SSC CPO Medical Test“. If you look at the SSC CPO Selection Process (Step Wise) carefully. You will see that it has 5 rounds, which includes, 2 Written exam , Physical Efficiency Test (PET/PST) [followed by Medical Test] and finally Personality Interview Process.

Medical exam will have below test,

  • Eye Test
  • Color Blindness Test
  • Flat Foot
  • Knock Knee
  • Blood Test
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Ear Check
  • Hydrocele Test
  • Varicose Veins Test
  • Backbone
  • Teeth
  • Arms
  • Piles

So if you qualify the Physical Test Conducted by Commission then you will be called for CPO Medical Exam. SSC CPO Medical Standards apply for all the posts under CPO.

Official Website:

Basically in medical round, you need to pass Eye Test, Mental Test and Physical Deficiency Test.

What is Physical Standard Test in CPO – Check here -> SSC CPO Physical Standard Test

SSC CPO Medical Standards 2019-2020

Now here it comes. What they check in SSC CPO Medical Exam? Look below criteria details to find out the answers.

Eye Test

The minimum distant vision should be 6/6 and 6/9 of two eyes without correction i.e. without wearing of glasses. Do not use lens in eyes on the day of medical test as they will rub your eyes there.

The candidate must not have knock knee, flat foot, varicose vein or squint in eyes and they should possess high color vision.

They must be in good mental and bodily health and free from any physical defect likely to interfere with the efficient performance of the duties.

Laser Surgery: if you have undergone the laser surgery then please do not accept it in medical exam. Examiner may ask you but you should not admit it. Even if they call some doctor then also please do not agree as there would be no evidence or no one can identify by naked eye that you have opted the laser surgery.

Please note that Physical/Medical Exam does not carry any marks but will be of qualifying nature.

Now comes the next medical tests. Refer below series of para for all the medical tests.

Color Blindness

This test will be done to check the color blindness. Examiner will ask you to read the number in a color dotted Book.

Knock Knee/ Flat Foot

Both the test are different and you need to pass the both rounds to qualify for next round. In knock Knee test, Knee must not touch each other when standing at 90 angle.

In Flat Foot test, Your foot must be in proper shape . There must be curve . They must not be flat under feet.

Also please make sure that all of your Fingers of hands and Legs are in proper order means fingers are movable.

Blood Test

Now you need to go through Blood test to check for any disease and STD. This is not an extensive test. It is just a simple blood test which you can get done before going there.

Other test will be done as follows.

  • X-Ray of Chest
  • Ear Check (clean you ears using buds before medical test)
  • Hydrocele  – One testicles is heavier then other. Both should be equal :). Hanging should be equal. You will be undressed and checked thoroughly (be ready for this)
  • Varicose Veins – These veins are found from feet to stomach. these are responsible for Varicocle.
  • Backbone – Your backbone should be in proper order.
  • Teeth – Your teeth must be proper and countable.
  • Arms – Arms should be proper movable.
  • Piles –  You should not have piles problem.

Physical Efficiency Test(PET) ( For all posts)

For male

  • 100 meters race in 16 seconds
  • 1.6 Kms race in 6.5 minutes
  • Long Jump : 3.65 metres in 3 chances
  • High Jump : 1.2 metres in 3 chances
  • Shot put (16 Lbs): 4.5 metres in 3 chance

For female

  • 100 metres race in 18 seconds
  • 800 metres race in 4 minutes
  • Long Jump: 2.7 metres (9 feet) in 3 chances.
  • High Jump : 0.9 metres (3 feet) in 3 chances

So if you are getting fit in above criteria then surely you will clear the SSC CPO Medical Test.

Please comment below your experience and help others aspirants vising

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  1. Sir i have stomuch(intestinal infection, 24 marks) operation 20 years before, will it be considered as defect

    1. Now it will not create problem? do you face any problem in working or any activity due to this?

  2. Laser treatment for eyes is… Eligible for medical test… If eligible how many months before it should be done

    1. it should be done at least 6 month prior and if medical examinar ask then don’t tell them that you have done laser.

  3. Sir when will it would be checked whether before tier2 or after tier please kindly inform it sir

  4. Sir i have phimosis, is it a problem.

  5. I got hit by a cricket ball & lost 2 teeth. Will I get rejected? Now I have get 2 artificial teeth but they don’t look real

    1. No you won’t get rejection bcz of teeth

  6. Sir i have problem of piles and dns problem in left nostril overgrowth of bone if i get my surgery done for both the issues in the month of november 2017 will i be able to clear my medical for ssc cpo scheduled to be held in march 2018 kindly reply

    1. Piles which stage bro?

  7. You people dont reply then what is the need of this forum

  8. I have undergone through piles surgery stage 3rd. Will i be eligible for Ssc cpo March medical 2017?

  9. Sir in ear they check hearing power or something else

    1. All diseases related to ear and hearing as well.

      1. Sir what about DNS in nose test

  10. Sir, are ex-servicemen allowed with glasses in medical standard as with glasses eyes sight is 6/6

  11. Sir I have 27 teeths , is there any problem?

  12. Respected sir, I am 178cm high and my weight is 78 kg. , is there any problem or I have to lose my weight??

  13. Sir…. how they check varicose vein either with doppler test or by looking with normal eye ….please give reply

  14. sir in 2015 i was diagnosed by TB but now it is fully cured . from last 2 years there is no sign of tb only mark on chest is there . is it a defect ?? can it be detectable?? please tell me

  15. Sir I have some problems in teeth
    Can I qualify for medical test in cpo

  16. Sir hame cubitous virgious right hand 20 degree hai. Kya ham medical pass ho sakte hai. Kyuki SSC gd me hame unfit kar diya gaya tha

  17. Sir I have a bent in my nose and I suffer esnophilia. Is there any problem,?

  18. Sir I have a bent in my nose and also oesnophilia (allergy) will it be a problem

  19. Sir i have male gynocomastia , is it ok in the ssc cpo pet

  20. SSC rendered me for remedical, bkoz my eye medical test was 6/6 & 6/12, now can I take laser treatment for eyes.. My remedical will be after 45 days.

  21. Sir my teeth are not in proper order so…

    Is there any problem by this???

  22. Sir I have knock knees is there be any problem in medical for ssc stenographer

  23. I am a ex serviceman and i have got a fracture in my little finger left hand
    And it does not bend fully will i rejected in medical

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