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SSC CHSL previous year question papers with answers pdf | SSC 10+2 LDC/DEO

SSC CHSL previous year question papers with answers pdf – All the dear candidates appearing for CHSL 2017 can download the questions paper from previous year chsl exam in pdf here day wise.

SSC CHSL is given by 10+2 pass candidates. SSC conducts CHSL exam for the recruitment of Data Entry Operator (DEO), Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Court Clerk & Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant. CHSL LDC/DEO/Court Clerk/Assistant/ question papaer download from 2015/2016 exam question paper.

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SSC CHSL Previous year questions paper 2016

ssc chsl previous year question papers with solution:  Hi dear candidates, get here ssc 10+2 previous year paper with solution in pdf file and you can also download the ldc/deo year wise paper here. SSC-CHSL is a Staff selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam.

SSC CHSL is considered highly important for all those who are aspiring to be in government sector. The details associated with this exam are provided here.

Which also includes the previous year papers and sample papers along with syllabus and pattern that will encourage you to follow the listed detailed information of the SSC CHSL 10+2 LDC/DEO exam and download ssc chsl previous year question papers for better preparation.

ssc chsl previous year question papers pdf

Every year, huge number of candidates participate in SSC CHSL exam and very few are being selected for the post of of Data Entry Operator (DEO), Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Court Clerk & Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant.

All the deserving candidates prepare themselves according to SSC CHSL Previous year questions paper and revise them regularly. The major benefits of previous year pdf that you can read and practice them so that you can have overall idea of question difficulty level and how to solve such questions in very less time.

Syllabus SSC CHSL 2017

Along with SSC CHSL Previous year questions paper, syllabus plays a crucial role in preparation of govt jobs.

SSC CHSL Selection will take place in three parts:

  1. Tier 1 Written Examination – Objective Type paper – 200 Marks – Online Mode
  2. Tier 2 Written Examination – Descriptive Type paper – 100 Marks – Offline Mode
  3. Tier 3 Skill Test/Typing Test

Written exam consists of Objective Type Multiple choice questions only. There is negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

SSC CHSL 2016 question paper with solution pdf (day wise):

Lets download all the SSC CHSL Previous year questions paper in pdf with answers.

SSC CHSL 10+2 TIER 1 2016 question paper download

SSC CHSL TIER 1 Asked Questions on 7th January 2017 first and second shift

Download here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 8th January 2017 question paper first and second shiftDownload here
CHSL TIER 1 9th January 2017 pdf with answer first and second shiftDownload here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 10th January 2017 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift question paperDownload here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 11th January 2017 pdf with answer 1st, 2nd & 3rd ShiftDownload here
CHSL TIER 1 12th January 2017 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift question paperDownload here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 13th January 2017 question asked with solutionDownload here
CHSL 14th January 2017 Questions asked in 1st, 2nd & 3rd ShiftDownload here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 15th January 2017 question paperDownload here
SSC CHSL 16th January 2017 Questions asked in 1st, 2nd & 3rd ShiftDownload here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 17th January 2017 solved question paper in all shiftDownload here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 18th January 2017 pdf with answer first and second shiftDownload here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 20th January 2017 pdf for all slots with answerDownload here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 21th January 2017 pdf for first second and third slot with answerDownload Here
SSC CHSL TIER 1 25th January 2017 pdf for first second and third slot with answerDownload
SSC CHSL TIER 1 26th January 2017 pdf for all three shift with answerDonwload
SSC CHSL TIER 1 30th January 2017 pdf for all three shift with answerDownload
SSC CHSL TIER 1 1st February 2017 pdf for all three shift with answerDownload
2nd Feb question paper for SSC CHSLDownload

CHSL GK Question Paper download:

Previous year Gk asked question Paper:

  1. 1st Battle of Panipat fought between – Babur and the Lodi Empire
  2. Kanha is famous for which endangered species of deer –Swamp Deer
  3. Ajit bajaj related to which sport – skied
  4. Newtons third law –For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  5. Who invented the barometer – Evangelista Torricelli
  6. Who invented the induction coil? Charles Grafton Page, Nicholas Callan
  7. If in convex mirror, the size of image is 16 cm and that of the object is 20 cm, then what is its magnifying power? 1.25
  8. What is the SI unit of inductance? Henry
  9. Who were the first T20 Cricket World Cup winners? India
  10. When did Aurangazeb die? 1707 in Ahmednagar
  11. Who was the first temporary/interim chairman of Constituent Assembly? Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha
  12. Who wrote the book “Choker Bali”? Rabindranath Tagore
  13. Chernobyl disaster of 1986 is not related to? Kazakhstan
  14. Which of the given musical instruments is not Indian {Madal, Tanpura, Sitar, Flute}? Flute
  15. Which city located at bank of River Narmada? Bharuch
  16. What is the chemical formula of ammonium nitrate? NH₄NO₃
  17. Which caves house a Shiv temple? Elephanta
  18. Carica papaya is the scientific name of which fruit? Papaya
  19. Who invented the 3d printer? Chuck Hull
  20. Where is Panna National Park located? Madhya Pradesh
  21. Micheal Schumacher is known for which sport? Formula 1 Racing
  22. What is the SI unit of entropy? Unit joule per kelvin
  23. In which range does Periyar Nation Park lie? Western Ghats
  24. To which religion did Ashoka convert after the Kalinga War? Buddhism
  25. Which of the states do not share their boundary with Chattisgarh {WB, MP, Jharkhand, Orissa}? West Bengal
  26. In which year was Non-Cooperation Movement started? 1920
  27. Which island lies in the Arabian Sea? Lakshadweep
  28. What is the capital of Turkey? Ankara
  29. Which state has the maximum number of Loksabha seats? UP (85)
  30. Which of following store fat-soluble vitamins {skin, liver, blood}? Liver
  31. What is alpha particle? Radioactive helium nucleus
  32. Where are Bhimbetka Rock Shelters located? Madhya Pradesh
  33. Where is Periyar National Park located? Kerala
  34. Which chemical is used to make someone unconscious? Chloroform
  35. English is the official language of {Delhi, Chandigarh, Daman Diu, Dadra Nagar Haveli}? Chandigarh
  36. What is the Capital of Finland? Helsinki.
  37. Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station was designed by? Frederick William Stevens.
  38. What are kidney stones composed of? Calcium Oxalate.
  39. Shahji Bhonsale was from which dynasty? Bhonsale Dynasty.
  40. Angiosperms are? Seed-producing plants.
  41. Persian translation of Mahabharata? Razmnama.
  42. Who authored the book ‘Jaya’ Devdutt Pattanaik.
  43. Nobel Prize 2015 for Physics was given to? Arthur B. McDonald, Takaaki Kajita (For the discovery of Neutrino Oscillations).
  44. Who invented the mouse? Douglas Engelbart.
  45. Who was King Ajatashatru’s father/son? Father:King Bimbisara and Son:Udayabhadra.
  46. What is the full form of RNA? Ribonucleic Acid.
  47. Dichlorodifluoromethane is also known as? Freon-12
  48. In which year was the RBI nationalized? 1949.
  49. Who is the defense minister of India? Manohar Parrikar.
  50. Who has not scored a double century in one day cricket? Brain Lara
  51. One question on river.
  52. One question on query language.
  53. Which of the given gases is harmful to the Ozone layer {N2, N2O H2CO3}? N2O (Nitrous Oxide)
  54.  Article 31c of the Indian Constitution is related to? Increasing Judicial Scrutiny of Land Reforms.
  55.  Where is Similipal Tiger Reserve located? Odisha.
  56.  Article 27 of the Indian Constitution is related to? Freedom as to payment of taxes.
  57. Who wrote India 2020? Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
  58. Ottawa is the capital of which country? Canada.
  59. Ichthyology is the study of? Fish.
  60. What is the capital of Telangana? Hyderabad.
  61. Where is Humayun’s tomb located? Delhi.
  62. What is the scientific name of the jackfruit? Artocarpus heterophyllus.
  63. NaHCO3 is the chemical name of? Baking Soda.
  64. Who invented c language? Dennis Ritchie.
  65. Faraday is the unit of? Electric Charge
  66. Where is Anamalai Tiger Reserve located? Tamil Nadu
  67. Whose picture can you find on the $50 note in USA? Ulysses Grant
  68. Which of these elements has the lowest melting point {hydrogen, silver, zinc, copper}? Hydrogen
  69. One question on award given to Amitabh Bachchan.
  70. One question on name of sitar player.
  71. One question on world heritage site.
  72. Who invented the gas turbine? Aurel Stodola & John Barber
  73. How many types of human teeth are there? Four
  74. What is the atomic number of Silicon? 14
  75. How far from the center of earth is the center of the moon? 384,403 km
  76. Which ruler transferred his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad? Muhammad bin Tughluq
  77. What is article 20 related to? Protection of certain rights in case of conviction for offences.
  78. How many gigabytes of memory is there in one petabyte? 106
  79. What disease is caused by a deficiency of protein? Kwashiorkor/Marasmus
  80. What is the capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli? Silvassa
  81. For what subject did CV Raman win a Nobel Prize? Physics
  82. India’s First Garden-Tomb: Humayun’s Tomb
  83. Where is bile secreted?- Liver
  84. Anjum Chopra related with which sports? Cricket
  85. Scientific name of Babool- Vachellia nilotica
  86. Chemical formula of Ammonium Chloride-NH4Cl
  87. Related to Lowest melting point which is repeated question
  88. Full form of TCP- Transmission Control Protocol (previosly asked in chsl 2016)
  89. Founder of internet protocol- Robert E. Kahn
  90. 1975 emergency by article
  91. Author of. Book ‘life of pi’-  Yann Martel
  92. Indravati Tiger Reserves – Chhattisgarh
  93. LED inventer- Holonyak
  94. How many Part of constitution?-present there are, 448 articles in 25 parts, 12 schedules. As compared to when it was written it had, 395 articles in 22 parts and 8 schedules at the time of commencement.
  95. Writer of ‘the twentieth wife’- Indu Sundaresan
  96. Which of the following is not south indian language
  97. New Zealand capital?- Wellington
  98. Udit Narayana got which award?- Padma Bhushan
  99. Who found the value of G ( gravitational constant) –Lord Henry Cavendish
  100. Article 31A refers to – Saving of laws providing for acquisition of estates, land rights
  101. Ashoka was from which dynasty-  Maurya Empire
  102. Non stick cooking utensils are coated with?
  103. The ‘Char Minar’ is in?
  104. The National Anthem was first sung in year – 27 December 1911
  105. The cave which has related to hindu boddhist jain ? – Ellora
  106. Which actor has won most national awards ? –
  107. Who did discovered dishwasher? – Josephine Garis Cochran
  108. Who got sultansha azla cup 2016? – Australia
  109. Whose pic is on USA $5 dollar? Abraham Lincoln
  110. Year of plassy war ? – 1757
  111. Who invented aspirin? – Felix Hoffmann
  112. Majuli Island is in? – Assam
  113. Marble is which type of rock? – Metamorphic
  114. Brihadeshwara temple is located in? – Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
  115. Antimatter of electron? – Positron.
  116. Indian Rail connects how many stations? 7,112.
  117. The largest fresh water lake in Asia? Baikal.
  118. With which sport is Apurvi Chandela associated? Shooting
  119. First woman in space was? – Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova
  120. Non-stick cooking utensils are coated with? – Teflon
  121. The ‘Char Minar’ is in? – Hyderabad
  122. The National Anthem was first sung in which year? – 1911
  123. Which of these articles deals with sedition? – Article 124A
  124. When did the Haldighati battle take place? – 1576
  125. Which player holds the record for scoring most centuries in Test cricket? – Sachin Tendulkar
  126. What is the unit of Magnetic Flux density? – Tesla
  127. Scientific name for lizard? – Lacertilia
  128. Vascular bundles are present in? – Plants
  129. Demand decreases from 750 to 650 and price increases from 15 to 20, find elasticity. – ?
  130. Sachin full name?
  131. ABM – Anti ballistic missile
  132. who invented electric stove?
  133. who measure the first circumference of earth?
  134. Deepa Mehta water movie nominated under which category?
  135. question on bear flower?
  136. losar festival celebrated in which state?
  137. cryogenics are low temp or high temperature?
  138. the lowland written by?
  139. Stagflation mean?
  140. which Meyer measures specific gravity?
  141. covalent bond also called?
  142. green house gases?
  143. oxygenated blood flows from heart to body? Artora or arteries or superior vena cava?
  144. venus size ? Ans 6 place
  145. sodium and chloride bond?
  146. Sachin Tendulkar full name?
  147. Huna invasion in year?
  148. 2007 recognised 7 world wonders in India? Taj Mahal
  149. Kathakali’ is a folk dance prevalent in which state?
  150. Who was known as Iron man of India?
  151. ‘Ashoka Chakra’ is awarded for?
  152. Who developed Yahoo?
  153. Who is responsible for the ‘Big Bang Theory’?
  154. The Radcliffe line is  between
  155. Madhubani’ style paintings is popular in which state in India?
  156. The first non-Englishman elected as Chairman of the International Cricket Council was? – Cydle Walcot
  157. Which of the following has zero electron affinity? – Noble Gases like Helium, Argon, Neon, etc.
  158. Who became the first chief minister of Telangana? – K. Chandrashekar Rao
  159.  Who is the first British Author to win the Man Booker Prize for fiction twice? – Hillary Mantel
  160. Which state has maximum number of forests? – Madhya Pradesh
  161. When did first world war start? – 1914
  162. Why Kanha park is famous? – For tiger, highest reserved tiger in India
  163. How much is the biological oxygen demand?
  164. Which Vitamin helps in clotting of blood? – Vitamin K helps in thicken the blood
  165. Question bases on Newton’s third Law? – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  166. Boro Tribes are in which state? – Majorly in Assam
  167. Bibi Mahal was founded by? – By Azam Shah
  168. In BOD5, what is 5? – BOD5 – 5 part per million
  169. Seismology is discovered by whom?  – John Milne was the English seismologist and geologist who invented the first modern seismographand promoted the building of seismological stations
  170. Which catalyst is used to make milk from curd?
  171. Who won Oscar for Supporting actress? – Alicia Vikander
  172. Highest grosser Hollywood movie? – Gone with the Wind (old)and Avatar (latest)
  173. Which is the longest day in northern hemisphere? – June 21
  174. from where do plants get energy? – They collect energy from the sun and use carbon dioxide and water 
  175. What do you mean by displacement? – A displacement is a vector that is the shortest distance from the initial to the final position of a point
  176. Who is the author of prithavi raj raso?  Chand Bardai
  177. Who given oath to governor – Chief justice of high court
  178. Jahangir birth date? – 31 Aug 1569
  179. Arthashastra written By – Kautilya
  180. Arya samaj Founder – Dayanand Saraswati
  181. Bhavani dam in – Erode, Tamil Nadu
  182. Deepika Kumari’s Sport – Archery
  183. GDP Full Form – Gross Domestic Product
  184. Benzene discovered by – Michael Faraday
  185. Who invented logarithms­ – John Napier
  186. 2016 Nobel in Economics was given for? – Contract Theory
  187. 4 bits equal to? – 1 Nibble
  188. Who was awarded the Bharat Ratna on his 100th birthday? – Dhondo Keshav Karve
  189. When was the national anthem sung for the very first time? – 27 December 1911
  190. Who won the national snooker championship for 2016? – Aditya Mehta
  191. How many times can a person become the Prime Minister? – No Limit
  192. Ellora caves situated in – Maharashtra
  193. which one is not inner planet? – earth venus mercury saturn
  194. Ryder cup associated with? Golf
  195. Kaziranga National park is famous for?
  196. Lal Bahadur shastri born in?
  197. Pushkar fair in which city?
  198. Chairman of Rajya sabha?
  199. Tax which cannot be transferred?
  200. First individual medal for India in Olympic?
  201. Passage of india author?
  202. The man who know infinity  movie director? Mathew brown
  203. Binomial nomenclature given by? Ans linear
  204. Magnetite is alloy of?
  205. Hawa mahal is located in which city
  206. Scientific name “annona squamosa”
  207. 2nd largest gland in human body
  208. Birth year of lal bahadur shastri
  209. What was the Social System of the Harappans?
  210. Which of the following vedas provides information about the civilisation of the Early Vedic Age? Yajurveda
  211. Which university became famous in the post-Gupta Era? Nalanda University
  212. Banabhatta was the court poet of which emperor? Harsha Vardhana
  213. Who was the first Indian ruler to establish the supremacy of the Indian Navy in the Arabian Sea? King Raja Raja I

Download here: CHSL GK Question Paper download – Previous Year Pdf

SSC CHSL 2017 Important links:
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CHSL TIER 1 Exam PatternCHSL TIER 2 Exam Pattern
SSC CHSL Full SYllabus & Exam pattern
SSC CHSL TIER 1 Cut off marks
SSC CHSL Previous Year Paper Download With Solution PDF 

CHSL Aptitude Question Paper pdf download:

  1. Three persons walk from place A to place B. their speed are in the ratio 4 : 3 :5. The ratio f the times taken by them to reach B will be.
  2. Find the value of for which the distance between the points and is 10 units.
  3. The LCM of two numbers is 2900% more than their HCF and sum of LCM and HCF of two number is 310. If one of the number is 20, find the other number?
  4. sin 5π/3
    Ans: = -√3/2

    = sin(2π – π/3)
    = -sin(π/3)
    = -√3/2
  5. Two points on a line are given as (x,y) and (x1,y1). The line passes through the x axis. Find the ratio between.
  6. A principal amount accrues over a 2 year period a difference in Compound Interest and Simple Interest of Rs. 405, at a rate of 9%. Find the principal amount. Ans: 50000
    405 = [P (1 + R/100)T – P] – [PRT/100] = P(1.092 – 1) – 0.18P
    = P(0.0081)
    i.e. P = Rs.50,000
  7. If the radius of a circle is increased by 15% then what will be the increment in its area? 32.25%
  8. (4x – 5y)2 = ?
  9. cos (11π/6) = √3/2.
  10. A company’s expenditure and Profit percentage is given. What will be the revenue?
  11. 1/(cosecA + cotA) = sinA/(1 + cosA) or (1 – cosA)/sinA.
  12. If 27% discount on an item gives 25% profit, 17% discount will give how much profit?
  13. If after 24% discount, an item sells for Rs.36000, then on 40% discount, how much will the item sell for?
  14. 5A = 7B = 3C, then A : B : C?
  15. A dodecahedron has 20 vertices. How many edges does it have? 30 edges
  16. A boy goes to school at 12 km/h and a bus is coming from school at 45km/h, if they meet after 36 min, find the distance of school from home.
  17. Simple interest on a sum in 2 years is 4800 and Compound interest is 5088, find rate of interest.
  18. An equilateral triangle has its side equal to the diagonal of a square whose area is 15√3, find area of the triangle.
  19. 1/(tanA + tanB) = (cosA.cosB)/sin(A + B).
  20. Profit % = 5%, Expenditure = 375 crore, Revenue=?
  21. Find value of p if x-3x+x+x=10+16+10+p
  22. A can eat 15 ladu in 30 days A and B can eat 30 ladu in 90 days in 10 days how many Laddu will be eaten by alone A?
  23. find value of SinA/1+COSA
  24. If circumference of base of a cylinder is 44cm and volume is 2310 cm cube find total surface area of cylinder?
  25. (Tan x )^3= ?
  26. Tan^2A+Cot^2A+2=x. Then x=?
  27. A/b=5/8 then find a+b/a-b
  28. Cot4 π/3 = ? – 1/√3
  29. (7-15x)-(6x-7) =? 14
  30. 1, 6.21, 66…? = 201
  31. Sin -330?
  32. Sec©-tan©=x then x=?
  33. Find relative rate of 22% for 1 year (half yearly) = 21%
  34. Cot2A Cos22A =
  35. DI – Tabular question
  36. Height and Volume given of cylinder, find radius.
  37. A zoo charges Rs 800 for an adult’s ticket and Rs 200 child’s ticket. However, with two adults, a child can enter the zoo for free. How much profit would the zoo get if 20 adults and 8 children visit the zoo?
  38. A sum of Rs. 12,500 amounts to Rs. 15,500 in 4 years at the rate of simple interest. What is the rate of interest?
  39. What percentage of numbers from 1 to 70 have 1 or 9 in the unit’s digit?
  40. 66 cubic centimetres of silver is drawn into a wire 1 mm in diameter. The length of the wire in metres will be?
  41. The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 5 : 7. If the second train runs 300 km in 3 hours, then the speed of the first train is:
  42. 8 men and 12 women can complete a work in 4 days, while 6 men and 14 women can complete it in 5 days. In how many days will 15 women complete it?
  43. The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 40% is?
  44. Two numbers are respectively 10% and 30% more than a third number. The ratio of the two numbers is?
  45. Which of the following words cannot be formed using the word ‘INVESTIGATION’ (a) INSTIGATION (b) GESTATION (c) VEST (d) STIGMA – STIGMA
  46. 12 men construct 1.5 km of road in 7 days. 28 men will construct 12 km of roads in? – 24 Days
  47. Kabir buys an article with 25% discount on its marked price. He makes a profit of 10% by selling it at Rs. 660. The marked price is? – Rs. 800
  48. A shopkeeper marks an article at Rs. x, which gives a profit of 25%. Find Cost price.
  49. On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhi Ashram declared a 25% discount on silk. If selling price of a silk saree is Rs. 525, what is its marked price? – Rs. 700
  50. 5 digit highest number divisible by 89?
  51. value of (sec 240)
  52. Sec4π/3 =?
  53. linear two equations in which x and y are given and in one equation k is also given . find value of k
  54. simple interest 28000 and compound interest also given find rate of interest
  55. 1000 boys and 800 girls took an exam. 60% of the boys and 50% of the girls passed. Find the percent of the candidates who failed? 44.44%
  56. If A exceeds B by 40%, and B is less than C by 20%, then A:C is: 1.12
  57. Price of sugar rises by 20%. By how much percent should the consumption of sugar be reduced so that the overall expenditure does not change? 25%
  58. In an examination, there were 1000 boys and 800 girls. 60% of the boys and 50% of the girls passed. Find the percent of the candidates failed?

Download here: CHSL Aptitude Question Paper pdf donwload -Previous Year Pdf

SSC CHSL 2017 Important links:
SSC CHSL Eligibility CriteriaSSC CHSL Admit Card & Hall Ticket Donwload
CHSL 10+2 TIER 1 SyllabusSSC CHSL 10+2 TIER 2 Syllabus
CHSL TIER 1 Exam PatternCHSL TIER 2 Exam Pattern
SSC CHSL Full SYllabus & Exam pattern
SSC CHSL TIER 1 Cut off marks
SSC CHSL Previous Year Paper Download With Solution PDF 

CHSL Reasoning Questions paper download in pdf (general Intelligence):

  1. If DEAN is written as NOKX, how NEED be written in that code?
  2. In each of the following questions, select the related word/letters /number from the given alternatives. 49 : 216 : : 36 : ?
  3. Interchange the symbols and solve: 17 – 15 * 5 =250 
  4. A person was initially facing the west. He then turned 90 degree anticlockwise, walked some distance in that direction and then again turned 90 degrees anticlockwise. Which direction is he facing now?
  5. 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, … ?
  6. 31, 29, 24, 22, 17, …?
  7. A man had 20 cows. All but nine died. How many was he left with ?
  8. A man had 20 cows. All but nine died. How many was he left with? – 9
  9. Venn diagram of society, friends and enemy.
  10. A waiter’s salary consists of his salary and tips. During one week his tips were 5/4 of his salary. What fraction of his income came from tips ?
  11. If 100 cats kill 100 mice in 100 days, then 4 cats would kill 4 mice in how many days ?
  12. Pointing to Varman, Madhav said, “I am the only son of one of the sons of his father.” How is Varman related to Madhav?
  13. In the series 2, 6, 18, 54, …… what will be the 8th term ?
  14. Marathon : race :: hibernation :
  15. 58, 52, 46, 40, …
  16. A man built a fence around his plot. He used 50 fence poles on each side of the square. How many poles did he need altogether?
  17. Arrange the words in the correct order: (A) Tissues (B) Cells (C) Organ System (D) Body (E) Organ – BAECD
  18. You had to arrange a set of words in the sequence in which they occur in the English dictionary and then choose the correct sequence.
  19. If each letter in the English alphabet is assigned odd numerical value beginning coding A = 1, B = 3 & so on, what will be the total value of the letter of the word ‘SNAKE’? – 95
  20. In each of the following questions, select the related letter/word/number from the given alternatives.
    BEHK : PSVY : : ADGJ : ?  – Ans. MPSV
  21. In each of the following questions, select the related word/letters /number from the given alternatives.
    49 : 216 : : 36 : ? – Ans. 125
  22. There are five friends-Satish, Kishore, Mohan, Anil and Rajesh. Mohan is the tallest. Satish is shorter than Kishore but taller than Rajesh. Anil is little shorter than Kishore but little taller than Satish. Who is taller than Rajesh but shorter than Anil?
    Ans. Satish
  23. From the given alternative words, select the words which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.
  24. If DEAN is written as NOKX, how NEED be written in that code?
    Ans- XOON
  25. If the word ‘STOVE’ is written as ‘FNBLK’, then how is ‘VOTES’ written in that code? LBNKF
  26. If ‘PAPER’ is written as ‘OZODQ’, then how is ‘PENCIL’ written in that code? ODMBHK
  27. There are five friends – S, K, M, A and R. S is shorter than K, but taller than R. M is the tallest. A is a little shorter than K and a little taller than S. Who has two persons taller and two persons shorter than him? A
  28.  Rajiv is the brother of Atul. Sonia is the sister of Sunil. Atul is the son of Sonia. How is Rajiv related to Sonia? Son

Download here: CHSL Reasoning Questions paper download in pdf

CHSL English Questions Paper pdf download with solution:

  1. Synonym of ALIGHT – get off, step off, get down
  2. Antonym of REMAND – return
  3. Meaning of Idiom “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Every bad thing has some good aspect.
  4. Meaning of phrase “Ethnic cleansing” – systematic forced removal of ethnic group
  5. Synonym of FRAZZLED? Exhausted
  6. Synonym of PERVERT? Degenerate/Deviant
  7. Synonym of PARLANCE? Common Use
  8. Meaning of Idiom “Dead Ringer” Exact
  9. Meaning of Idiom “Dark Horse” Unlikely Winner
  10. Antonyms: Therapeutic –
  11. Idioms/Phrases: Down to the wire. Ans. Until the last moment.
  12. Idioms/Phrases: Drink like fish. Ans. Drink too much Alcohol.
  13. Fill in the Blanks: With a view _____? To.
  14. Cloze Test on Financial Crisis faced by banks.
  15. Synonyms: Dabble.
  16. The criminal seems to have acted in …… the three others.
  17.  The man came in a cae to …… the television set.
  18.  It is 20 years since i …… him. (past participle)
  19. Synonyms of privy? – Aware
  20. Idioms and Phrases: Bend over backward meaning?
  21. Offensive antonym
  22. Brawl antonym
  23. Spell check – Nibbling, Although
  24. Idiom – Noman is an island
  25. Antonym of  STERILE
  26. Direct/Indirect question: The teacher said to the students, “Don’t talk”. – The teacher told the students not to talk.
  27. Cloze Test- 5 questions (Based on Economy)
  28. Antonym and Synonym 2 Questions asked level Easy
  29. Idiom/phrases – 3 Questions asked level Moderate
  30. Spelling Correction 2 Questions asked level Easy
  31. Error Detection/Sentence correction 1-2 Questions asked level Easy
  32. Questions from Voice and Narration. -1 Qs
  33. Questions Asked
  34. Antonym and Synonym -> 1. Splinter 2. Inclusion 3. Horrify

Download here: CHSL English Questions Paper pdf download with solution

Download SSC CHSL Previous year questions paper solved in pdf

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