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SSC CGL versus SBI PO 2017 | Which is better choice ? | Comparison in CGL & PO

SSC CGL versus SBI PO 2017- One fine day, i was scrolling internet and for my uttermost surprise people were fighting over comparison between sbi po exam and ssc cgl exam. Then i decided to write a post and clear the doubt over which one is better.

It is wrong to say without comparing ssc cgl versus sbi po that sbi po is better or ssc cgl is better. Therefore let’s first compare these duo first and then decide which one is better choice for graduate level job aspirants.

SSC CGL versus SBI PO – comparison 2017

SBI PO or SSC CGL 2017 – I will try to keep the comparison as simple as i can. I will also give supporting article to reinforce the stated fact. One thing i am assuming here about the SSC CGL Exam or SBI PO Exam aspirant that you are hard working guy/girl and love challenges. and here we will discuss unbiased opinion and after all it is your choice what you want to join bank job or ssc job.

SSC CGL versus SBI PO techmario

Reason behind why i am saying that both the exams (ssc cgl & sbi po) are not easy to crack. Mind it and prepare accordingly.

We will compare sbi po and ssc cgl based on below parameters,

  • Exam Level
  • Social status
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Word Pressure and Type of Work
  • Transfer
  • Career growth and Promotions etc.

Exam Level (SSC CGL v/s SBI PO)

ssc cgl versus sbi po exam level comparison – First we will start with the comparison of examination and later we will move to other parameters. because without passing exam you won’t able to make to job of any of these post. As i said i won’t generalize the answer but if you interested finance management or banking sector then you should go for sbi po examination and if you are keen towards administrative work can go for SSC CGL examination.

Level of both the exams are quite tough to fight and competition is on seven sky so don”t expect anything easy or cake walk. so start preparing accordingly.

SSC CGL Syllabus and Exam Pattern SBI PO Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Social Status

If you are lover of social status then you may find sbi po job a little boring and ssc cgl an interesting one. SSC CGL Job provides you better social status and public image will be there in your posting area. Again topic is contradictory and opinion may differ. No offence to anyone.

SSC CGL job means a status in society with power in hand and you should be proud of that but if you feel like helping people in all the possible way financial then sbi po is for you.

SSC CGL on Social Status SBI Po on social status
  • status in society
  • Power in hand
  • Overall exposure
  • Few post are gazetted
  • Bureaucratic Pressure
  • Posting far away from home.
  • High promotion chances
  • Low Transfer cycle
  • Better Salary
  • Lower loan rates by bank
  • Customer Dealings
  • High wok pressure


SSC CGL salary may differ on various factors (like type of post, grade of post and posting) whereas sbi po salary is around 27,620/- and in-hand salary of SBI PO is around 36-37 thousand approx & you will get 4-7 thousand allowances.

SBI Po Salary SSC CGL Salary


In both the posts you will get immense benefits and allowances for different different locations. Major benefits you will get are DA, HRA, Medical Facilities for you and your dependents etc.

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • LTC
  • Cash Medical Benefit
  • Group Mediclaim
  • Pension Scheme etc.

Word Pressure and Type of Work in SBI PO & SSC CGL

This is most heated comparison of these two exam. Everybody wants to be relaxed and tension free but if these perks you are looking into these exams them forgot about the better satisfaction life. ssc cgl and sbi po both the exams are challenging and you need to meet the deadlines.

But in ssc cgl work pressure is less and the job is more relaxed in comparison to sbi bank PO.

Career Growth and Promotions:

ssc cgl versus sbi po career growth – Nobody loves sitting on the same positions for years. Everybody wants promotions and get promoted as soon as possible. so discussing here career growth and future promotion in ssc cgl and sbi po exam.

SBI PO Promotions SSC CGL Promotions
In SBI PO Job you will get faster promotions( in 2-3 years) as compare to ssc cgl exam.

  • Probationary Officer
  • Assistant Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • AGM
Promotions in cgl usual happens after 5 year of tenure and slow as compare to sbi po exam.

  • Auditor will become Senior Auditor in 3 years.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer will become Enforcement Officer in 4-5 years.
  • Income Tax Officer will become Assistant Commissioner, then Deputy Commissioner and Finally Commissioner.

Transfer (Location transfer in cgl & po)

Most hated part of any govt exam that you will be transferred to any location throughout the India. You need to deal with the new circumstances, language, food, people and location therefore we love to stay at one location and probably at home.

In SSC, the transfers mostly take place every 4-5 years but in SBI PO transfers mostly take place every 2-5 years.

So as i keep blabbering that both the exams are best in its own and you need to decide which one is better for you after comparing ssc cgl versus sbi po exam 2017.

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