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SSC CGL Salary Structure 2019-2020 & Grade Pay (Interview/Non Interview Post wise)

SSC CGL Salary Structure – Hi Dear candidates, get here salary of ssc cgl exam which is a graduate level. Any graduate candidate can give this exam and prepare for it. It is very basic thing to know the salary of the job we are applying. After all salary is very essential to survive.

This post is updates as per ssc cgl recruitment 2019 notification pdf.

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Let’s know the latest salary of ssc cgl non interview post and CGL Salary Structure. We will discuss cgl perks, salary in hand, Grade Pay structure, ssc cgl salary chart 2019 post wise.

Update: Added list of interview and non interview post in ssc cgl 2019-20.

SSC CGL Salary Structure 2019-2020 Post Wise

salary of ssc cgl interview and non interview post – You came here looking for ssc cgl exam salary structure 2017 which is going to be held in month of August. SSC cgl is central govt jobs so salary is revised based on the Seventh Central Pay Commission.

We are discussing here latest Salary scale with the grade pay post wise for all band (Group A & Group B) . Get here salary structure post wise for all the post which comes under ssc cgl exam.

SSC CGL Salary Structure post wise

As we know, The salary of any state government or central government employee depends on his/her rank, years of service, department, grade pay, city of residence etc. So in cgl as well, it varies as per you group and post you are getting. Lets discuss everything in details regarding ssc cgl salary structure and grade pay for 2019-2020.

Salary of cgl employee got hiked after 7th pay commission because all cgl post comes under central got jobs.

IBPS Clerk Salary & pay ScaleSBI Clerk Salary & Pay Scale

SSC CGL Pay Scale & Grade Pay (Group wise)

Once you know the cgl pay scale and grade pay, you can easily calculated the in-hand salary of cgl post. Although the exact information about salary is yet to confirm from ssc official but still you can have overall idea and approximation of salary structure.

For e.g:

If you are into group B Jobs (Assistant/ Assistant Section Officer) then your pay scale will be Rs 9300-34800. Your grade pay will be 4600 and In-hand salary will be about Rs 28,000. You will get promotions and extra perks, allowances and DA, HRA etc.

Group Wise PayPay ScaleGrade Pay
Group-BRs 9300-348004800
Group-BRs 9300-348004600
Group-BRs 9300-348004200
Group-CRs 9300-348004600
Group-CRs 9300-348004200
Group-CRs 5200-202002800
Group-CRs 5200-202002400

CGL Gross and In Hand Salary post wise:

In this paragraph, you can get ssc cgl salary and what is in hand salary for ssc cgl post wise.

SSC CGL Grade pay is basically classified in two Pay Band (Pay Band 1 & Pay Band 2) and according Pay Band Pay Grade it is being assigned. CGL Classification consist of Grade “B”, Grade “C” and Grade “B”-Gazetted Non Ministerial hence the Grade Pay is divided in three parts ranging from 2800 to 4800. In hand salary for Group b grade pay 4800 is 50725- 57285 rupees.

Know here: IBPS Regional Rural Bank (RRB) Salary Structure

Group B – (Post wise Gross and In-Hand Salary)

Post NameDepartmentGrade PayGross salaryIn hand Salary
Assistant Audit OfficerIndian Audit & Accounts Dept under CAG480054,864 – 61,42450,725 – 57,285
Assistant Section OfficerCentral Secretariat Service (CSS)460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
Inspector (Central Excise)Intelligence Bureau460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
AssistantMinistry of Railway460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
AssistantMinistry of External Affairs460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
AssistantMinistry of External Affairs460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
AssistantAFHQ460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
AssistantOther Ministries/ Departments/Organisations420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
Inspector, (Central Excise)CBEC460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
Inspector (Preventive Officer)CBEC460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
Inspector (Examiner)CBEC460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
Assistant Enforcement OfficerDirectorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue460041,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
Sub InspectorCentral Bureau of Investigation420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
Inspector of PostsDepartment of Post (DoP)420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
Statistical Investigator Gr.IIM/o Statistics & Prog.
420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
InspectorCentral Bureau of Narcotics420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
Sub InspectorNational Investigation Agency (NIA)420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907

Group C – (Post wise Gross and In-Hand Salary)

Post NameDepartment NameGrade PayGross SalaryIn Hand Salary
Inspector (Income Tax)CBDT460041,003 to 46,18336,864 to 42,044
Divisional AccountantOffices under CAG420032,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
AuditorCAG280027,766 to 31,79025,123 to 29,147
AuditorCGDA280027,766 to 31,79025,123 to 29,147
AuditorCGA & others280027,766 to 31,79025,123 to 29,147
Accountant/ Junior AccountantCAG280027,766 to 31,79025,123 to 29,147
Sr. Secretariat AssistantCentral Govt. Offices/Ministries other than CSCS cadres.240024,446 to 28,18022,121 to 25,855
Tax AssistantCBDT/CBEC240024,446 to 28,18022,121 to 25,855
CompilerRegistrar General of India240024,446 to 28,18022,121 to 25,855
Sub InspectorCentral Bureau of Narcotics240024,446 to 28,18022,121 to 25,855

SSC CGL salary after Seventh Pay Commission 2019-2020

Staff Selection Commission will increase salary of all the post after implementation of seventh pay commission by central govt. After pay commission HRA would be incremented by 24% of basic salary. Net salary for 2400 grade pay will be around 31045 which is 22,121 to 25,855.

Check here in detail: SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay Commission

SSC CGL Salary for Non Interview Post:

CGL Divided its post in two category: Interview posts and non interview posts. lets know that which post is interview and what is the salary of non interview post in ssc cgl in detail. You need to match the SSC CGL Salary Structure from above table after checking the non interview post.

Non Interview post:

  • CAG Auditor
  • CGDA Auditor
  • CGA Auditor
  • Accountant in CAG
  • Accountant in CGA
  • UDC in CSCS
  • Tax Assistant in CBDT
  • TA in CBEC
  • Compiler in RGI
  • SI in CBN

Interview Post:

  • Assistant in CSS,
  •  Assistant in CVC,
  •  Assistant in IB,
  • Assistant in Ministry of Railway,
  • Assistant in MEA,
  • Assistant in MEA (Cypher),
  • Assistant in AFHQ,
  • Assistant in Other Ministries/Department,
  • Assistant in Other Ministries/Department,
  • Income Tax inspector in CBDT,
  • Central Excise Inspector,
  • Inspector in Preventive,
  • Examiner Inspector,
  • AEO in DEDR,
  • Sub-Inspector in CBI,
  • Inspector of Department of Post,
  • DA in CAG,
  • Statistical Investigator in MPI,
  • Central Bureau of Narcotics
SSC MTS (Non technical) Salary StructureSSC CHSL (10+2) Salary Structure

Lets check below chart for post wise grade pay.

SSC CGL in Hand Salary Calculation by Example

Now here i will explain you salary (in hand) by example. We will take example of 4600 grade pay. We will consider all the CGL Salary component here in this calculation.

Example: Grade Pay 4600, Class X City (delhi)


Now the foremost thing comes under calculation, How much allowances you will get.

  • Basic Pay = Rs. 44,900.
  • House Rent Allowances = 24% of Basic Pay = Rs. 10,776 (For x class city)
  • Dearness allowances = 0
  • Transport allowance =Rs. 3600 (Since Grade Pay 4600 lies in between Grade Pay of 2000 to 4800 )

Gross Pay

Gross pay is sum of all the allowances + basic pay.

So your gross pay  = Basic Pay + HRA +DA +TA = Rs.44900 + Rs.10,776 + 0 + Rs.3600 = Rs.59,276. = Rs.60,000(approx).

Now comes the deduction part.


Now there will be deductions on your gross pay. mainly NPS (National Pension Scheme), Employee Provident Fund(EPF), TDS and Education Cess etc will be deducted.

  • NPS = 10% on Basic Pay is deducted as NPS = Rs. 4490
  • PF = It is based on the employee’s Basic pay which is 12% of salary (BP + DA) = 12% of Basic Pay + 0 DA= Rs. 5388
  • TDS will be deducted
  • Education cess – 3% will be deducted on TDS
  • Higher Education Cess will be deducted if applicable.
  • Total Deduction = NPS+EPF+Tax(TDS)+Other deductions = Rs. 9000 (approx)
  • In hand Salary = Gross salaryTotal Deduction ( 60 -9 ) = 51000 approx

The 7th Pay Commission has proposed the rate of HRA which varies according to X, Y and Z cities.

  • Class X – 8 Cities – 24% (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pune)
  • Class Y – Around 100 Towns (With a Population above 5 Lakhs) – 16%
  • Class Z – Rural Areas – 8%

Dearness allowance is 0 why?

Because it will be merged with the basic pay. DA will be revised every six months.

If you work in some special organisations, like CBI, IB, Security agencies etc., you get an extra 20% of Basic Pay as Special Security Allowance(SSA).

SSC CGL Grade Pay 2019-2020 (post code wise)

Post CodeName of the PostGrade pay
FAssistant Audit Officer (Indian Audit & Accounts Department under CAG)4800
$Assistant Accounts Officer (Indian Audit & Accounts Department under CAG)4800
AAssistant Section Officer (Central Secretariat Service)4600
CAssistant Section Officer (Intelligence Bureau)4600
DAssistant Section Officer (Ministry of Railway)4600
EAssistant Section Officer (Ministry of External Affairs)4600
GAssistant Section Officer (AFHQ)4600
HAssistant (Other Ministries/ Departments/Org anisations) GP 46004600
>Assistant (Other Ministries/ Departments/Org anisations)4600
<Assistant Section Officer (Other Ministries/ Departments/Org anisations)4600
IAssistant (Other Ministries/ Departments/Org anisations) GP 42004200
&Assistant/ Superintendent (Other Ministries/ Departments/ Organisations)4200
JInspector of Income Tax4600
KInspector of Central Excise4600
LInspector (Preventive officer)4600
MInspector (Examiner)4600
NAssistant Enforcement Officer (Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue)4600
OSub Inspector (Central Bureau of Investigation)4600
PInspector Posts (DoP)4600
QDivisional Accountant (Offices under CAG)4200
SInspector – Central Bureau of Narcotics4600
%Sub Inspector (National Investigation Agency (NIA))4200
RJunior Statistical Officer (M/o Statistics & Prog. Implementation)4200
TAuditor (Offices under C&AG)2800
UAuditor (Offices under CGDA)2800
VAuditor (Other Ministry/Departments)2800
WAccountant/ Junior Accountant (Offices under C&AG)2800
XAccountant/ Junior Accountant (Other Ministry/Departments)2800
YSenior Secretariat Assistant/ Upper Division Clerks (Central Govt. Offices/Ministries other than CSCS cadres.)2400
ZTax Assistant (CBDT)2400
@Tax Assistant (CBEC)2400
#Sub Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics)2400

That’s all aspirants we have covered ssc cgl Salary Structure (एसएससी सीजीएल वेतन और ग्रेड वेतन), salary in hand, cgl Grade Pay structure, ssc cgl salary chart post wise 2017.

Please comment if any questions.


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    1. Hi Mehak, Read here complete selection Process for SSC CGL Exam ->

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  2. PLZ tell me highest salary of ssc nd post too

    1. Group B posts will get highest salary which are having Grade Pay 4800. Assistant Audit Officer will get gross salary (54,864 – 61,424)

      1. ssc non interview post best

  3. I m 34 yrs old and of SC category. Am I eligible for govt jobs? If yes then what are the job options available for me?

  4. I am 34 yrs old and of SC category? Am I eligible for govt jobs? If yes then what are the job options available??

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