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5 Days SSB Process Explained in Details for Army, Navy, AFCAT, CDS, TES & NDA

SSB Process Step by Step – Services Selection Board popularly known as SSB among candidates. If you want to join Indian Armed Forces as commissioned officer then you need to go through SSB Procedure.

Warning: SSB is the world’s toughest army test. Let me take a bow if you crack it…i’m sure you will.. 🙂

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SSB Process

Those days are gone when we used to read everything on newspaper or hear by word of mouth. We used to wait for all the updates to reach us via post, news and television. But now we can instantly access anything we want to read about.

So making one more step ahead in that lead here, we are covering SSB process in detail for Indian army, Indian navy, Indian Air Force, AFCAT, NDA and CDS exam.

SSB Process is next step after you clear the written exam or other qualifying round(first round) in order to join prestigious Jobs in Indian armed forces. In this article we will cover SSB Process for below exams,

5 Days SSB Process Explained in Details

The tests conducted by the SSB aim to gauge candidates potential as a future Officer in Indian Armed Forces. The selection system is designed over a five day process. In this 5 days schedule we are not including registration and reporting day. Day 1 is the screening test, Day 2 is the Psychologist Tests, Day 3 & 4 is the group tasks and Day 5 is the Conference (Results).

The personal interview will be conducted either in day 2,3 or 4 during the post lunch or evening hours. Day 0 is your reporting and registration day.  We are discussing each day process in detail here.

On basis of what parameters SSB Judge you ?

Below are the major parameters a officers is judged under SSB Process.

  • Effective Intelligence,
  • Sense of responsibility,
  • Initiative,
  • Judgment under stress,
  • Ability to reason and organize,
  • Communication skills,
  • Determination,
  • Courage,
  • Confidence,
  • Speed in decision making,
  • Willingness,
  • Compassion and a feeling of loyalty to the nation etc.

What are the steps before and after SSB?

Before SSB you need to clear the exam. You can take any of the exam and you will get the entry pass to SSB. Then you go to SSB and if you get recommendation that you need to undergo medical exam. Most common before after process in Indian armed forces is as below.

  • Application Form
  • Written Exam
  • SSB Process
  • Medical Exam
  • Merit List

SSB Procedure (Day wise)

Lets go day by day and discuss SSB Process Day wise in detail.

SSB Selection Proces is a two stage process. To qualify for Stage II, a candidate needs to clear Screening Test also called Stage I.

Day 0: Registration/Reporting

All the candidates who cleared written exam or recommended by PIB in TA army or shortlisted in Direct Entries and got the call letter for SSB need to report SSB Centers. The list of SSB Center is Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Dehradun, Mysore, Varanasi, Coimbatore, Gandhinagar, Kolkata and Rupnagar.

Sometime candidates need to report on Day 1 itself but most of the time it is prior to day 1. You will get the time of reporting and date in call letter.

Now after reporting, your document will be verified and then, you are allotted the SSB board and the chest number. This number will be your identity for rest of the days of the SSB Selection Process. Now moving to SSB Day 1 Process which is Stage 1.

Day 1 (Screening Tests)

Now on day 1 (Stage 1) you will go number of screening test, Like Intelligence Test (Verbal and Non-Verbal), then there is a Picture Perception test etc. Candidates need to write a story based on a picture in 70 words or more. Once the written part is over then comes the second part which is Group Discussion.

Here all the candidates will narrate his/her story in one minute without looking at sheet to the rest of candidates one by one in one minute.

So basically on Stage 1 you will go through,

  • PPDT- Picture Perception and Discussion Test
  • Intelligence Test (Verbal and Non-Verbal)

Those who are unable to qualify are sent back to railway station and rest of the people need to go for rest of the 4 Days evaluation.

Fill PIQ: Screened candidates needs to fill the Bio Data forms known as Personal Information Questionnaire. PIQ is very important. There must be no cutting and consistency in each of the four or five copies of PIQ you fill. PIQ is also the basis for the individual candidate interview, which is scrutinized by the Interviewing officer before the interview of the candidate.

Day 2 (Psychology Tests)

All the screening qualifying candidates will go in day 2 – day 5 evaluation. You will go below evaluation process and your score will be recorded for final recommendation.

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) also known as Picture Story writing – TAT is very similar to PPDT, but here the candidates are shown clear pictures, in which the candidate has to observe it for 30 seconds then needs to write a story on it in four minutes. Total 15 pictures will be shown.
  • Word Association Test (WAT) – WAT is the second psychological test of SSB selection process. In this test the candidates are shown a word on a screen for a period of 15 seconds and candidates need to write the first thought that comes in his/her mind for that word. Total 60 words will be shown.
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self Description Test (SDT)
  • Interview (Held on Every day (day 2 to day 4) in evening/afternoon time)

Now comes the Day 3 and Day 4. Which is considered most difficult tasks to go through.

Day 3 and Day 4 (GTO Tasks)

GTO is Group Testing Officers Test. It is conducted on Third and Fourth day of SSB Process. below is the list of test which comes under GTO Task.

  • Group discussion
  • Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise)
  • Progressive Group Tasks
  • Half Group Tasks
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Group Obstacles
  • Race or Snake Race
  • Command Task
  • Lecturette (small speech)
  • Final Group Task

Day 5 (Conference and Recommendation Day)

This is final day of your SSB Process. All the person who did your evaluation (assessor) comes together to decide the recommended candidates.

The candidates are required to appear before the complete Board of Examiners composed of President, Deputy President, all the psychologists, all the GTOs, and Technical Officer for PI. Several questions will be asked by each one of them to decide your recommendation.

All the recommended/selected candidates need to appear for Medical Examination at Military Hospital rest of the people need to return back to home.

What Facilities you get during SSB Process

Below is list of facilities you will get during SSB Procedure to make you feel like home.

  • Pick-up and Drop from reporting Railway Station.
  • Furnished accommodation.
  • Mess Facilities.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Game, Magazines, Newspapers, etc.

Please note that confidence of speech and expression is one thing that is heavily noted in SSB Process. Making your weaknesses as your strong points is an art which can be done only through positive attitude.

This article is sourced based on the information available in Wikipedia.

Please let us know if any questions on SSB Process for Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

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