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SBI PO Interview Experience – by Selected candidate of SBI PO Previous Batch

Check here best SBI PO Interview Experience and question answers asked by SBI Panelist. All the candidates were finally selected in Interview. Candidates names are kept anonymous for some due reasons. Techmario is starving hard to provide genuine information to all the candidates who are preparing for SBI PO Exam 2017.

SBI PO Interview Experience

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SBI PO Interview Experience (Previous Year Batch)

State Bank of India is most renowned bank of India and has best place in Indian Banking Sector. Below experiences are of Interview and other rounds in SBI PO Exam.

SBI PO Interview Experience Candidates 1: Interview Date: 16th September 2015 Venue: Local Head Office Mumbai, Bandra Kurla Complex

After Clearing SBI PO Mains and Prelims exam, i had my interview for SBI PO scheduled at Local Head Office Mumbai, Bandra Kurla Complex on 16th September 2015. While reaching Bandra Kurla Complex, i lost myself in the complex maze of BKC and reached the center late by half an hour. So had to answer the standard question of what time it is. Then officials took my bio-metric and checked my ID card to verify the identity.

A lady accompanied me to the conference room where other candidates were present. First impression on entering, seemed like the conference rooms in Luytens Delhi where political parties hold there meetings.

Then an official verified the documents with original and checked the personal data form and a few others which I was supposed to fill up for interview. They were quiet a lot!

Waited about 15 minutes for interview panel to preside for group discussion. There were about 12 candidates in my batch. Interview panel comprised of a lady and four gentlemen. Briefed us about the rules of GD.

The topic of our GD was ‘Permanent nature of job leads to lethargic and under performing staff

GD went into the direction of government vs private job. So I raised a point that at the end of the day it is the policies of the management at top that decide the work culture in any institution. Cited the example of Indian Army to rebuke the notion. Also put a point that even with plethora of banks in the Indian market SBI still leads the way and is the only Indian Bank in Fortune 500 companies.

Added other points like fire and hire policy makes a person achieve short term goals and does not concentrate on long term interest of the company; at 40 you do not want a job in which you are in a position that you are not sure where your salary for next month is coming from. Some of the other good points put forward by other candidates were: having promotions linked to performance, warning to non-performers, government offices still have ‘chalta hai’ attitude and some thing needs to be done about it.

Now its time for Interview

Fortunately my name was 3rd in the list for interview so didn’t have to wait much for my turn. Also was high on confidence since I had cleared SSC exam. Finally my turn came, asked for permission to enter and wished good morning to the interviewers.

There were five members in the interview panel. Head of the panel seemed quiet old (GM) of Human Resource. A lady in fifties (L1), three other middle aged men (M3, M4 and M5).

GM – A very good morning. Are you comfortable.

Me: Yes sir.

GM : Pakka. First question will be easy and second question a bit tough. So can we start?

Me: yes sir.

GM : Tell me about yourself.

Me: I did my engineering in Computer Science from MIT, Manipal. I was awarded AICTE scholarship during entire 4 years. I have been working for Infosys since last 3 years. I am residing in Pune since last 2 years. I am interested in current affairs, sports politics and love travelling.

GM : By saying current affairs you have opened a Pandora’s box. Do you know what Pandora’s box is?

Me: The term Pandora’s box has been derived from a Greek mythological tale. It means a can of worms or a bad omen. I know current affairs is a very vast field but I will try to answer what I can.

Asked me few questions related to current affairs where I did okay.

GM : So which newspaper do you read. Tell me something recent related to banking.

Me: I generally read Indian Express (Was embarrassed to tell ToI). A recent banking related news which I read is related to payment banks. Government recently gave license to 11 payment banks. And Paytm is going to be the first payment bank.

GM : Who is the owner of Paytm.

Me: Owner is Paytm is Vijay Sharma. It is backed by Ratan Tata and a Japanese firm One97 is the largest stakeholder.

GM : How do you think will opening of payment banks affect traditional banks.

Me: I think payment banks will help realise governments aim of financial inclusion. Since it will be easier to access then traditional banks, it will reduce load on banks with regard to small depositors. So a bank can utilize its workforce better and in an efficient way. (A complete bullshit but couldn’t think of anything more clear.)

GM : okay.

M2: What do you know about banking.

Me: I am aware about some of the basics of banking like repo rate, reverse repo rate, CRR, SLR.

M2: What is repo rate.

Me: It is the rate which RBI pays bank for the money parked. And reverse repo rate is generally 50 bps higher than repo rate.

M2: Why do you want to join SBI.

Me: Sir I am not interested in IT industry and want to do MBA but I could not get into a good college so rather than wasting a year preparing for MBA; I am not interested in marketing and HR, so finance is the natural choice left. Rather than doing MBA and then joining a financial institute I would like to grab this opportunity. And SBI is one of the most reputed bank in India.

(I guess my honest answer about this impressed everyone.)

M2: What were your last two CAT scores.

Me: I scored 94 point something last year and 97.6 a year before that.

M2: So didn’t you get any calls?

Me: Last year I got call from IIM Ranchi in their HR program but could not clear interview. And a year before that got call from new IIMs, was wait listed in two but couldn’t convert in end. And citing to my average academics and engineering stream I find it difficult to convert a call even after good percentile.

M2: What other exams did you take.

Me: Last year I took IIFT but didn’t clear the cutoff while in XAT I missed out on verbal cutoff. While a year before I did not take any other exams apart from CAT.

M3: You told you are interested in travelling. Where have you travelled.

Me: Sir last year I travelled to Sikkim and a year before that to Andaman and Nicobar islands. Travelled to char dham and Mussorie during college. In childhood I have been to Nainital, Dalhosie and Kashmir. Also during my stay in Mysore for a year while working with Infosys I had travelled to Ooty, Kodikanal and Coorg.

M3: So why is government not able to bring tribals to mainstream in Andaman islands.

Me: Sir it is not that government has failed entirely. In Andaman, government has slowly brought many tribals to mainstream by providing them clothes, shelter and teaching them ways to live in a modern society. Also there is tribal safari tour in Andaman islands where travelers visit the tribal people in jeep in their habitat. It is a disgusting thing but locals say that it helps tribal people to understand the modern society. Though I doubt that argument. While in Nicobar government have intentionally tried to avoid confluence of tribals and modern society by not allowing people to visit Nicobar because the government says that it is the best way to protect their heritage.

M1: Heard about Savarkar.

Me: Yes he was the most prominent freedom fighter to have been locked up in cellular jail during India’s struggle of independence.

M1: What’s his full name. Vir ….

Me: Sir don’t remember. Vir ….. Savarkar.

M1: See this is the issue with current affairs. It has very wide scope. Try to remember don’t give up that easily.

Me: It’s Vir Damodardas Savarkar

M3: There is a movement in our country where people are demanding Bharat Ratna for Vir Savarkar. What is your view on it.

Me: Sir I am not aware about that movement. Since all the freedom fighter have done a magnificent job in freeing our country and he being a prominent one is definitely India’s hero. But since I am not aware about this movement I would rather not comment on it.

M1: Since you visited Sikkim, what is Seven Sisters and name them.

Me: Seven sisters are the 7 north eastern states namely Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim and Tripura.

M1: Sikkim is not included in seven sisters. There is one more state.

Me: There is a demand for Gorkhaland but it has not been given a status of different state.

M1: No no….heard of Cherapunji.

Me: Yes sir, Shillong is the capital of the state but sorry I forgot name of the state.

M1: Meghalaya.

Me: Yes sir.

M1: Thanks Chirag. That is it.

Me: Thank you sir.

It was a pretty good interview and was pretty much confident about getting selected.

SBI PO Interview Experience Candidates 2: Interview Date: Date: 8/9/2016 Venue: Chandigarh

First we sat in a room there for document verification and staff was really friendly. They were trying to help every student by making them comfortable. But keep a pen glue and extra passport size photographs with you.

Don’t forget Pen and Glue 🙂

After one hour we were shifted to GD room. Two instructors were already there. They gave brief of all the instructions like let others speak, keep your point, you can use any language .

Topic: is India ready for smart cities?

I initiated the GD in hindi but most if the people were speaking in English. All the candidates were good. Though we didn’t reach to any conclusion.

Group Discussion 2:

We were asked to prioritize characteristics of a manager like leadership qualities, logical, rational , etc. And then have a discussion on it.

This time there was a fish market.nobody was giving a chance others to speak.

After this they shifted us back to waiting room.there we were given our travelling allowance and coupons for lunch in their canteen. Interview procedure started after lunch break.

Main focus of the interview was on your confidence. They asked me questions about my father’s business, place where I belong , questions about Linux and Unix , brexit, tier3 engineering colleges , smart cities and housing for all scheme

I were unable to answer about some questions i simply said I don’t know and they were really cool about it. Overall it was a good experience. Hoping for a positive result.

SBI PO Interview Experience Candidates 3: Interview Date: Date: 8/9/2016 Venue: Chandigarh

I attended SBI PO’2016 interview and cracked it(27/30).

(writing at length to give the aspirants an idea of how it is)

Reached at the venue, doc check was smooth. we were directed in to a conference hall after breakfast.

this year, there has been a change in the GD round

gd consisted of two topics,

  1. population growth- boon or bane
  2. this year new thing,prioritization was introduced, we were given a topic and asked to rate the qualities given in a desired manner as per our thinking – Topic – the qualities which the second in command should posses Qualities were unselfishness, abide by the guidelines, stick to the rules, more efficient than the leader, yes man, etc

We were asked to reach at a consensus if possible, in the first one we concluded population growth is a bane when it is very high/ very low and boon when it is in controlled manner.

After this, we were directed in to the interview room (note that persons conducting GD and interview were different)

Next phase interview-

5 panel members( 4 M, 1 F)

chairman(m guessing as he shifted the baton to all the members) started questioning
C– introduce yourself, asked about my project and academic (no generic ques like why banking after engineering).
M1– about my hobbies and interests(mentioned about blogging, so questions about what i write about)
F– whats your opinion about kidney rackets and should they be regulated, (i took this as a chance and directed madam to ask the questions, at the end of interview i took up the topic of divyang(disabled) and how govt is trying to make good infra for them, then next question was about the library for disabled and then some schemes)to be truthful, she grilled me on all the schemes, especially on financial inclusion. answered them well.
M2– what are NPAs, recent moves by RBI to tackle money laundering, CIBIL, e-kyc, aadhar card uses in banking, RBI committee-why change,
M3– He was seriously observing me without a smile from the very beginning. Dropped the bomb. why civil services preparation and banking,is this some buffer zone, we should take an undertaking from this guy and started laughing( i mentioned this to the chairman during introduction, this guy saved that for me) . i was expecting this question and answered it, he seemed a bit unsatisfied.

Chairman thanked me and said interview was over. wished them and came out.

Analysis and tips-

I had a small talk with the people who attended the interview last year and came to conclusion that this year, they asked less factual questions and more about opinion based questions. Testing how candidate can think about an issue for instance- they asked a girl about the left wing extremism present in her district and how it can be lessened.
All i can say is before the interview brush up your academics in graduation, current affairs, financial news and answer with confidence.

This answers are taken from Quora.

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