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RRB NTPC Job Profile Indian Railways Non Technical Work Profile Post Wise

RRB NTPC Job Profile Post Wise 2017 -18 : When we are tired of something we try to change that particular thing. Whether be it a job, daily routine, old motorcycle or anything you can say of. Also we easily get tired of something we don’t love or like, so it becomes very essential to like your job/work profile. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss all the posts job profile under RRB NTPC Jobs.

RRB NTPC Job Profile

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We have covered almost everything on RRB NTPC Exam starting from job profiles of Railways RRB NTPC & work functions, work environment, suitability for women, salary structure etc. Also you can find separate article on promotions and career paths, recruitment, selection process, and eligibility etc.

RRB NTPC Job Profile (Indian Railways) 2017

For Indian, our railway system is like legacy. We have seen railways in many phases since our childhood. Let me talk something about my childhood, i used to love watching high speed train passing by me. It is something which fascinate me.

Similarly before filling the RRB NTPC Recruitment application form, you need to choose post preference. Here my genuine suggestion to choose what you love or like to do, considering salary factor as well.

How much salary i will get in RRB NTPC ? –> RRB NTPC Salary Structure

Lets start the discussion of Job Profile for RRB NTPC Post Wise. Below are the name of posts, you will get after getting final selection in RRB NTPC Exam.

  • Commercial Apprentice (CA)
  • Traffic Apprentice (TA)
  • Enquiry Cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC)
  • Goods Guard
  • Assistant Station Master (ASM)
  • Traffic Assistant
  • Senior Time Keeper
  • Junior Accounts Assistant Cum Typist (JAA)
  • Senior Clerk-Cum-Typist

lets start each post job profile one by one.

Assistant Station Master (ASM) Job Profile

You must have seen a person at station holding red and green flags while train is passing ? Just opposite the main station operation room. That person is called station master and person assisting station master on various roles is called Assistant Station master.

Work Profile:

  • You will be in charge of running of the trains at a station
  • The ASM operates the signals, ensures that everything goes as per the rules laid out.
  • An ASM works in shifts. Generally, each station has one ASM, though bigger stations ma have more than one ASM.

ASM Job Suitability:

  • This is very attentive job and require you to be alert while on duty.
  • Travelling is not required as part of the job.
  • The job is suitable for candidates with One Arm (OA), One Leg (OL), Muscular Weakness (MW) and Hearing Handicapped (HH).

Commercial Apprentice (CA) Job Profile

For this job profile, first you will get extensive training on various function for 2 years time period. You will get position in commercial branch of the Indian Railways after your training is completed. Few of the posts are Chief Commercial/ Parcel/ Goods Clerk or Commercial/ Claims/ Rates Inspectors which perform below work,

  • Keep and make sure to maintain on standards of cleanliness and orderliness in the station.
  • You are responsible for commercial staff.
  • Keep check on the rules surrounding booking, handling, dispatch, storage, delivery of items.
  • Handling of consignments.
  • Also you need to check on revenues, outstanding, revenue leakage and other money matters related to the station.
  • Examine and analyse causes of diversion of traffic, if any, to other means of transport.
  • Ideate methods of improvement in the working of the station etc.

CA Job Suitability:

  • Commercial Apprentice job is also very attentive.
  • You may need to travel as and when needed.
  • Work from home option is not available.
  • Working hours are 9/10 hours everyday for 5/6 days a week.
  • The job is suitable for candidates with One Arm (OA), One Leg (OL) and those who are Hearing Impaired (HH).

Traffic Apprentice (TA) Job Profile

Name itself is signifying a lot. Traffic apprentice means who see and do the supervisors in the Transportation (Operations) branch of the Indian Railways. Again TA post also gets training of two years in the post of Station Master/ Guard/ Section Controller/ Yard Masters/ Traffic Inspectors.

  • Need to operate and check the compliance of traffic rules.
  • Need to check and maintain attendance and efficiency of staff.
  • Keep check on records of trains to see if they operate on schedule.
  • Make sure of crossing gates, goods shed, parcel office for safety regulation compliance
  • Conduct night inspections of signals and ensure light arrangements are as per the rules.
  • Also you need give a surprise for inspections by travelling in passenger or goods trains to check compliance with traffic rules.
  • Resolve public complaints and investigate minor accidents, theft of goods, delays etc.

Hope this is enough for you to make aware about work profile of Traffic Apprentice.

Traffic Apprentice Job Suitability

  • It is a solo ride job hence there will be no team under you.
  • Travelling may or may not be required
  • Part time work and contractual jobs are not available in some cities.
  • Working hours are 9/10 hours everyday for 5/6 days a week.
  • The job is suitable for candidates with One Arm (OA), One Leg (OL) and those who are Hearing Impaired (HH).

Goods Guard Job profile

I’m sure you have seen a person monitoring running train with the help of whistle. In passenger guard signal when to start the train after horn. Similary goods guard is charge of Goods train (carrier/wagon). You will be performing below duties as goods guard work profile,

  • Getting vehicle guidance (it is a written document with details of goods train and summary of goods contained) from Station Master/Yard Master.
  • Checking all the safety measures which could endanger the safe running of trains.
  • Also check the doors of wagons and make sure they are closed.
  • Checking the brake continuity with Loco Pilot. Signing the Brake Power Certificate (BPC) after ensuring sufficient brake power.
  • Constantly monitoring the formation of any abnormalities on the run.
  • Preparing train reports like Combined Train Reports, Late Arrival Reports, etc.
  • Attending along with LP/ALP minor troubles experienced on the run like brake binding etc

Job Suitability of Goods Guard

  • This job is tougher than other above jobs.
  • It require attention and little physical effort.
  • You will get less facilities on the run so need to carry all the basic things along with in suitacase provided by Indian railways.
  • Brake vans are not lit during the night and the train may wait in way side stations for long hours sometimes for crossing/precedence of Express trains.
  • Although you will get good perks and allowances for extra hours as per km run.
  • This job is only for men and suitable for person with One Arm (OA).

Enquiry Cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) Job profile

This is the first person you meet while going for any train journey. ECRC only gets 3 months training as job does not required extensive skill or any specialized skill.

The job is to issue computerized reserved tickets for railway passengers and to respond to enquiry regarding issue of the same or to help passengers plan their travel.

  • This is indoor job suitable for male and female both.
  • Travelling is not required at all.
  • ECRC works in two shifts on alternate days – from 8-14 hours and 14-22 hours except small stations.
  • The job is suitable for candidates with One Arm (OA), One Leg (OL) and Low Vision (LV).

Junior Accounts Assistant Cum Typist (JAA) Job Profile

Typists (JAA) work in the Department of Finance and Accounts. After selection you will get training of 30-45 days.

You will be in charge of Bill Clearing, Railway Budget Analysis, Purchase Order Process and Stock Verify.

Below is the job profile for JAA Post.

  • Keeping accounts of Railways
  • The check of transactions affecting the receipts and expenditure of Railways.
  • Prompt settlement of proper claims against the Railways.
  • Providing advice to the administration whenever required or necessary in matters of Railway Finance.
  • Compiling budgets in consultation with other departments
  • Generally discharging other management accounting functions such as providing financial data for management reporting, assisting inventory management, participation in purchase/contracting decisions and surveys for major schemes in accordance with the relevant rules and orders.
  • Seeing that there are non financial irregularities in the transactions of the Railways.

It is quite challenging job for non finance background candidates. But you will get enough training to undertake these responsibilities.

Senior Clerk-Cum-Typist Job profile

This job is majorly deals in clerical works which includes assigning work, supervising and instructing clerical staff and executing administrative tasks on a day-to-day basis.

  • Very well suitable job for female as most of the work is indoor.
  • The job is suitable for candidates with One Arm (OA), One Leg (OL), Both Legs (BL), One Arm & One Leg (OAL), Blind (B), Low Vision (LV), and Hearing Handicapped (HH).

Traffic Assistant Job Profile 2017

You will be assigned the supervision of traffic signal and Traffic Operations branch.You will get 45 days training and main work will be to assist your seniors of same fields on various task.

  • There will be two shifts in these job and you need to do the alternative shift in some time interval.
  • This jobs is considered suitable for person of any kind of disability.

Senior Time Keeper job profile

Last but not least under RRB NTPC Job Profile, STK also known as Senior Time Keeper. It is quite understandable by name itself that you main role will to keep track on time record for movement of trains and ensures smooth functioning of the Railways on schedule by keeping record of the time.

Time keeper also gets training for one and half month.

  • Again it is indoor job
  • You need to come in shifts to perform timely duties.
  • The job is NOT open to candidates with handicaps at the moment.
  • The job is suitable for women as it is indoors but it create problem due to night shift timing.

That is all from our side on RRB NTPC Job Profile under Indian Railways Non Technical Post. Any question or suggestion are most welcome in comment section.

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