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Root words pdf for SSC CGL Preparation 2018 Download

Root words Root words pdf for SSC CGL Preparation 2018 – All the candidates preparing for SSC CGL Exam and struggling in remembering words need to refer root words pdf as it will be very helpful to you in retaining the meaning of word in quick time.

Root words pdf for SSC CGL Preparation 2018

You can download the pdf from below link. This root words e-book is having 132 root words with different-2 words generated from the single root word with different meaning.

Here i’m giving you an overview of how to learn root words.

for example, understand below word,

Root Word – Phobia: means fear or dislike

Now below words are formed using phobia root words.

  • Zoophobia – zoo+phobia means fear of animal, here zoo means related to animal
  • Androphobia – Andro means boys/male so androphobia means the one who don’t like boys.
  • Gynophobia – Gyno means girl / women so gynophobia means the one who don’t like girls
  • Pedophobia – Pedo means child so pedophobia is the one who don’t like children’s.
  • Demophobia – demo means people so demophobia means the one who fear of public speaking.
  • Anthropophobia – anthropo means human being so anthropophobia mean fear of human being or the one who don’t like the company of human being or in simple word aloof (living alone)
  • Theophobia – theo+phobia means fear of religion, here theo means related to religion.

Root Word – Thei: god/religion

  • Theist meaning the one who believes in god
  • Atheist meaning the one who don’t believe in god.

Root Word – Cracy: govt /system

  • Democracy – demo+cracy means govt of people
  • Autocracy – auto+cracy means dictatorship/kingship (when one person rules the whole government or system)

Download pdf ebook

Direct link to download Root words pdf is given below.

Root Words Book for ssc cgl pdf

if you have any suggestion or questions on Root words pdf for SSC CGL Preparation 2018 please comment below. our team is always ready to help SSC aspirants.

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