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SSC CGL job profile 2017| Post Preference Order | Number of Vacancies

SSC CGL job profile 2017 – Hi dear cgl candidates, here we are writing ssc cgl job profile and number of vacancies and their preference order with work post wise. SSC CGL recruits for numerous post and assign different job role post wise. SSC CGL exam is very competitive and considered tough exam to crack.

SSC CGL Job Profile 2017

ssc cgl job profile – Staff selection Commission conducts ssc cgl official recruitment every year. As you know, India is very vast country having population count more than 1.2 billion. People are starving for a good and stable job to settle therefore Govt Job is most pursued job sector in India.

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There are countable number of jobs in govt sector which gives you status, money and life which everybody dreams about and SSC CGL exam is considered one the best option for govt job in India. Lets know List of Post under ssc cgl and SSC CGL job profile post wise.

ssc cgl job profile

In this article we will discuss everything regarding post which comes under SSC CGL like job profile, type of work, total number of vacancies and preference order. If haven’t checked ssc cgl eligibility criteria then you should check because once you are eligible then only you can appear for cgl exam. Also you should know the selection process of ssc cgl exam because it is also important.

Post under SSC CGL post/Job Profile/Vacancies 2017 – Official updates history
Article UpdateWhat is the update ( Summary of official updates)
Update (latest) 

SSC CGL Notification 2017 download _ Official notification download pdf

Update (Old)Updated list of vacancies in cgl as per official updates and created tables for job profile post wise with number of vacancies.

Vacancies in SSC CGL 2017

SSC stands for Staff Selection Board (कर्मचारी चयन आयोग), is an organization under Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments. if we talk about vacancies in cgl then as per recent budget 240000 vacancies in Income Tax Department will be filled in upcoming recruitment. Apart from this 51000+ Vacancies in Central Excise and Customs Departments is going to recruit its Departments through various exams.

Post under SSC CGL mainly works under central government of India. CGL stands for Combined Graduate Level, is one the test conducted by Staff Selection Board to recruit the candidates for many posts like Assistant Audit Officer, Statistical Investigator, Intelligence Bureau Assistant, Inspector of Income Tax etc are few to name.

SSC CGL Job Profile and preference order 2017

below is the preference order post wise for cgl as per the priority of the job. All the post under SSC CGL is for group B and C cadre posts. Here we are mentioning all the post in CGL sorted by preference. Know vacancy detail in below table last column for CGL 2017.

Below chart shows post name, Preference order, job profile and number of vacancies in ssc cgl 2017 exam.

Preference orderPost CodePost NameProfileVacancies
1FAssistant Audit Officer
  • Work of audits of govt./public sector organizations
  • Lot of travelling while on duty
  • High Growth
  • Access and examine goods.
  • Take samples
  • examine import and export cargo
  • levy charges for the same
  • This is an inspector post.
  • This is all-time coastal job
3JInspector of Income Tax
  • Work related to assessment
  • and non-assessment of tax
  • Work on TDS
  • Accompanying of a raid team

(240000 vacancies in Income Tax Department : In 2017 budget Document, Income Tax Department is expected to increase its strength from 46000 to 80000 before March, 2017. This vacancies will be distribute on various exam including ssc cgl 2017)

4EAssistant Section Officer (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Administration work
  • Work like typing, compiling reports
  • Emailing updates about events
  • Possible foreign postings
  • lucrative facilities
  • Accommodation
  • children’s education etc.
5KInspector (Central Excise)
  • Clerical or file work
  • Augmentation of central excise
  • Executive work Service tax
  • detection of evasion of taxes
  • Highly respected job.

(51000+ Vacancies in Central Excise and Customs Departments- announced in budget 2017 which will be hired in coming recruitment not necessarily in cgl 2017.)

6LInspector (Preventive Officer)
  • Dealing with files and paperwork
  • May be Field postings
  • watch on smugglers
  • This is an inspector post
7NAssistant Enforcement Officer (Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue)
  • money laundering prevention
  • conducting searches on suspected persons and premises
  • seizing incriminating materials
  • This is an inspector post
  • round the clock duty.
8BAssistant (Central Vigilance Commission)
  • Investigative officer profile.
  • Majorly computer work in IB
9GAssistant Section Officer (AFHQ)
  • Clerical work; compiling files, reports and many kinds of paper work.
  • Keeping track of ongoing cases and subsequent follow up.
  • Job burden is less.
  • Comes under Ministry of Defense so additional perks and benefits.
10DAssistant Section Officer (Ministry of Railway)Clerical but above upper division clerk (LDC), Good perks such as free & discounted railway pass for travelling anywhere in India, Considered one of the most favourite posts.
11CAssistant (Intelligence Bureau) Investigative officer profile, Majorly computer or data-oriented work in the Intelligence Bureau.
12AAssistant Section Officer (CSS) (Central Secretariat Service)
  • Dealing with various governmental files.
  • Posting would be in various ministries in Delhi
  • Pure desk-only job with hardly any pressure
13 OSub Inspector (CBI)
  • Similar to state police but more powers.
  • Job is very challenging
  • CBI does not possess revolver/pistol.
  • Training duration is 32 weeks
  • Training in Ghaziabad.
14HAssistant (Other Ministries/ Departments/Org anisations) GP 4600
  • Posted with organizations under Govt. such as Dept. of Personnel & Training, Parliamentary Affairs, Election Commission etc.
15QDivisional Accountant (Offices under CAG)Auditing of works carried out by the state government, No or very less travel, Relaxed job.
16SInspector (Narcotics)
  • Check on the cultivation of opium poppy.
  • Conduct periodic checks in companies.
  • Monitor any smuggling of banned drugs.
  • Local travel is part of the job.
  • Risky job
17IAssistant (Other Ministries/ Departments/Org anisations) GP 4200Posted with organizations under Govt. such as Dept. of Personnel & Training, Parliamentary Affairs, Election Commission etc
18 %Sub Inspectors (NIA)
  • investigations in terrorism
  • national security issues.
  • lot of travel
  • collecting evidence from sites
  • gather intelligence inputs regarding terrorists etc.
19RStatistical InvestigatorRequires statistics degree, Data collection and processing to gather useful information for the govt. to implement schemes, A mix of office & field job, Overall a decent job.
20PInspector (Dept. of Post)
  • Promoting business of post offices.
  • May have to travel.
  • Performance pressure to meet numbers.
  • Posted as Sub-divisional Inspector
  • IP-PG (Public Grievance).
  • In charge of 60-70 post offices.
  • Assisted by two Mail overseers.
21#Sub Inspector (CBI)Work similar to an inspector, but more field work, Lot of travelling to prevent entry of narcotic drugs into the state.
22 TAuditor (C&AG, CGDA, CGA)
  • Audit expense reports:
  • State Dept. (C&AG),
  • Accounts of defense forces (CGDA),
  • General accounts of the country (CGA).
23UAuditor (CGDA)
  • Audit expense reports:
  • State Dept. (C&AG),
  • Accounts of defense forces (CGDA),
  • General accounts of the country (CGA).
24VAuditor (CGA)
  • Audit expense reports:
  • State Dept. (C&AG),
  • Accounts of defense forces (CGDA),
  • General accounts of the country (CGA).
25 @Tax Assistant (CBEC)
  • desk officer
  • assisting higher officers (CBEC)
26ZTax Assistant (CBDT)Assess, verify, and modify tax data of an individual or business (CBDT)
27WAccountant/ Jr Accountant ( C&AG)
  • Mainly Clerical
  • Passing of various bills, salary allowances, office expenses.
  • Dealing with pension
28XAccountant/ Jr Accountant (CGA)
  • Mainly Clerical
  • Passing of various bills, salary allowances, office expenses.
  • Dealing with pension
29YSenior Secretariat Assistant
  • Desk job
  • Check facts,
  • identify errors,
  • draw attention to previous cases or Rules and Regulations on the subject,
  •  Clearly bring out the question under consideration and suggest a course of action.
30 $Compiler (Registrar General of India)Conducting census, Compiling collected information.

* – > Number of vacancies are tentative as per govt requirements

How to choose post preference in SSC CGL 2017

As per ssc cgl job profile , you need to choose preference order while filling the ssc cgl application form. Everybody has different aim of pursuing something and glimpse the world accordingly. For few money is contentment but for few it is the work life balance which fulfills all the wishes so it varying factor on individual. So if you are muddled over preference then consider below points before applying for the post in SSC CGL Exam:

Here are a five points you need to remember while applying for SSC CGL exam.

1. Type of profile

2. Work Load

3. Salary, Promotions and benefits

4. Posting and frequency of transfers

5. Field of work (Desk Job or Field job)

Salary in SSC CGL Post wise:

Grade Pay of SSC CGL varies from 2400 to 4800.

Assistant Audit Officer – Grade pay 4800

Inspector  – Grade pay 4600

Accountant – Grade Pay 4200

Sub Inspectors – Grade Pay 4200

Auditors – Grade Pay 2800

Compiler – Grade Pay 2400

SSC salary article read hereSSC CGL Salary & Grade pay Post wise (In detail)

Expert recommended booksssc cgl important books

SSC CGL post 2017 – Grade pay for Post under SSC CGL is basically classified in two Pay Band (Pay Band 1 & Pay Band 2) and according Pay Band Pay Grade it is being assigned. Total three grades are assigned to cgl, Grade “B”, Grade “C” and Grade “B”-Gazetted Non Ministerial hence the Grade Pay is divided in three parts ranging from 2800 to 4800.

Lets discuss, grade pay wise and group wise.

Post in Group “B” with Grade Pay: 4800

Grade Pay: 4800 and Group “B”
Post NameDepartmentGross salaryIn hand Salary
Assistant Audit OfficerIndian Audit & Accounts Dept under CAG54,864 – 61,42450,725 – 57,285

Post in Group “B” with Grade Pay: 4600

Grade Pay: RS. 4600 and Group “B”
Post NameDepartmentGross salaryIn hand Salary
Assistant Section OfficerCentral Secretariat Service41,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
AssistantCentral Vigilance Commission41,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
Inspector (Central Excise)
AssistantIntelligence Bureau41,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
Inspector (Preventive Officer)
AssistantMinistry of Railway41,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
AssistantMinistry of External Affairs41,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
AssistantAFHQ41,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
Inspector (Examiner)
InspectorCentral Bureau of Narcotics41,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044
Assistant Enforcement OfficerDirectorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue41,003 – 46,18336,864 – 42,044

Post in Group “B” with Grade Pay: 4200

Grade Pay: RS. 4200 and Group “B”
Post NameDepartmentGross salaryIn hand Salary
Sub InspectorNational Investigation Agency (NIA)32,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
Sub InspectorCentral Bureau of Investigation32,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
Inspector of PostsDepartment of Post32,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
Statistical Investigator Gr.IIMinistry of Statistics & Prog. Implementation.32,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907
Inspector (Preventive Officer)CBEC32,667 to 37,11929,455 to 33,907

Post in Group “C” with Grade Pay: 4600

Grade Pay: RS. 4600 and Group “C”
Post NameDepartmentGross salaryIn hand Salary
Inspector (Income Tax)CBDT41,003 to 46,18336,864 to 42,044

Post in Group “C” with Grade Pay: 2800

Grade Pay: RS. 2800 and Group “C”
Post NameDepartmentGross salaryIn hand Salary
AuditorOffices under CAG27,766 to 31,790 25,123 to 29,147
AuditorOffices under CGDA27,766 to 31,790 25,123 to 29,147
AuditorOffices under CGA & others27,766 to 31,790 25,123 to 29,147
Accountant/ Junior AccountantOffices under CAG27,766 to 31,790 25,123 to 29,147

Post in Group “C” with Grade Pay: 2400

Grade Pay: RS. 2400 and Group “C”
Post NameDepartmentGross salaryIn hand Salary
Sr. Secretariat AssistantCentral Govt. Offices/Ministries other than CSCS cadres.24,446 to 28,18022,121 to 25,855
Tax AssistantCBDT/CBEC24,446 to 28,18022,121 to 25,855
CompilerRegistrar General of India24,446 to 28,18022,121 to 25,855
Sub InspectorCentral Bureau of Narcotics24,446 to 28,18022,121 to 25,855

Here we have covered ssc cgl job profile and preference order post wise with kind of job nature and role responsibilities. If you have any query feel free to reach us in comment box.

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