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Important Vocabulary Words starts with N

Know here all the Important Vocabulary Words starts with N, mostly asked in  Govt Jobs Exam. Updated frequently with latest words.

Important Vocabulary Words starts with N: Checkout all the important vocabulary words start with “N”. All the given words mostly being asked in the Govt Jobs and bank jobs repetitively. In this article we have enlist all the words starting with “N” along with meaning of the words in English, in Hindi, Synonym and Antonym of that word. We have also showed an example for each word in a sentence like how it is being used.

Vocabulary word meaning with synonym antonym (A to Z)

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Vocabulary Words starts with N


Having an inflated idea of one’s own importance

हिंदी में मतलब: आत्मकामी, आत्मरतिक

Synonyms: self-centered, self-involved, conceited

Antonyms: unselfish, sacrificing, outgoing

Sentence: All people in this area are narcissistic and only care about their desires.


Coming into existence; just beginning to be

हिंदी में मतलब: उत्पन्न, नवजात, नया

Synonyms: growing, incipient, burgeoning, promising

Antonyms: dying, shrinking, withering

Sentence: Although, our organization is nascent, we have already raised over 3 million dollars in 3 months.


To prove negative; to show to be false

हिंदी में मतलब: नकारना, अस्वीकार करना, खंडन करना

Synonyms: annihilate, cancel out, disallow, disprove, invalidate

Antonyms: allow, approve, validate

Sentence: Jonny was able to negate his opponent’s strategy during the chess game.

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