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Simple Past Tense practice with example

Simple Past Tense practice for exams preparation, Tense for Bank Exam, Tense practice paper for competitive exams, English tense study material for govt exam, English tense notes for bank and ssc exam.

Learn Simple Past Tense practice with examples

Simple Past Tense practice with example: Simple Past Tense also known as Past Indefinite tense is generally used to express past actions and habits. This tense is also used for actions happened in past at some definite point of time.

Lets learn the Simple Past Tense practice with example and learn the difference between other tense and past indefinite tense.

Definition – Simple past is used to describe an event, an action or a condition which happened in past.

For Example,

He Played.

I/We Played.

Simple past tense practice with example

Uses of Past Simple Tense:

Any action happened in past at definite point of time denoted by “Since, Ever since, earlier, ago, back, before, last, yesterday and the other day“.

  • Earlier i played cricket.
  • I met my teacher yesterday.

An action just happened, usually very less time ago, also considered in Past Simple tense.

  • I killed an insect.
  • She ate breakfast.

All the past Habits activities, which are generally expressed by adverbs such as “often, seldom, usually, generally, never,occasionally, sometimes, normally, used to, rarely and daily“.

  • I used to watch BigBoss Tv Serial.
  • I rarely sang a song in front of audience, i am bathroom singer.
  • He never done that before.
  • ATM often ran out of cash after demonetization.
  • Sometimes we ate Jalebi with milk in winter.

Formula for Past Simple Tense:

Present Perfect + Point of Time = Simple Past

A sentence can be formed in total three ways, Positive, Negative and interrogative sentence. Second form of verb is used in positive sentences and first form of verb is used in all interrogative and negative sentence.

Positive sentence:

Subject Verb 2nd form Object

E.g.: Shiv went to school.

More Examples:

  1. Meena danced in the balcony.
  2. I went to temple.
  3. Ram played cricket.

Negative sentence:

Subject Did not + Verb 1st form Object

E.g.: Shiv did not go to school.

More Example:

  1. Meena did not dance in the balcony.
  2. I did not go to temple.
  3. Ram did not play cricket.

Interrogative sentence:

Did Subject Verb 1st form Object

E.g.: Did shiv go to school ?

More Examples:

  1. Did Meena dance in the balcony ?

Tense Practices and Example:

  1. Suhani always ….. in time. (come) – positive
  2. I ……… to office yesterday. (go) – positive
  3. Ram …. his wife. (love) – Negative
  4. Chameleon usually….. color. (change) – Negative
  5. She … dinner. ( eat ) – interrogative


  1. Came
  2. Went
  3. Did not love
  4. did not change
  5. Did she eat

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Past Tense:

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Future Tense:

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