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Conjunctions short tricks with Example pdf download

Read here Conjunctions short tricks with example, conjunctions notes with tricks, learn how to use conjunction for fill in the blanks questions in govt job exams (SSC CGL, MTS CHSL LDC, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RRB and Railway exams). Also know Conjuction tricks for bank exam and fill in the blanks tricks for SSC exam.

Conjunctions short tricks with Example

Conjunctions short tricks: Conjunctions are the real beauty of English. Conjunctions makes English feel alive. Conjunctions hold parts together. it means conjunctions are very important.Conjunctions short tricks with Example pdf download

Conjunction Definition:

Words that join two part of phrases, clauses and sentences, is called conjunctions. There are number of conjunctions, in which “but”, “and ” and “or” is mostly used.

One Word Substitution for Competitive Exams

Classes of Conjunctions:

Coordinating conjunction: Used to connect two independent clauses.

Coordinating conjunction is used where you want to given equal emphasis to two main clauses.

Main Clause + , + Coordinating Conjunction + Main Clause

For Example: I went to the bank, and I checked my account balance.

Here and is coordinating conjunction.

Coordinating conjunction (FAN BOYS)
For And Nor But Or Yet So

Short cut to remember Coordinating conjunction: FAN BOYS

Subordinating conjunction: Used to join clauses in which one is dependent on the other.

Subordinating conjunction define main clause important than subordinating clause.

Main Clause + , + Subordinate Clause.

Subordinate Clause + , + Main Clause.

For example: Since you are old, you can not run marathon.

Conjunctions with short trick and example:

Here is the list of Conjunctions commonly used in English with example and how to use them.

FOR: for means reason, Use FOR conjunction after comma(,)

Example: Math is hard to me, for i intend to learn it

AND: and means another , in addition to something

Example: Daman is excellent joker, and people love watching him joke.

Example: Most Indian loves chapati and rice.

Example: I went to the bank, and I checked my account balance.

Example: RAM, shyam and sita planned to meet in evening.

NOR:nor means not,subject and verb reverse after nor

Example: Rakesh is not serious, nor he is funny.

BUT:  but shows contrast

Example: Chicken is non-veg but yummy.

Example: his words are controversial but true to some context.

Example: He is lazy but intelligent.

OR: or means a choice You can have one thing or a different thing but not both.

Example: do you like tea or coffee?

Example: I can do shopping or i can go to gym.

YET: yet shows contrast like but

Example: Poeple tried to stop me, yet they have not succeeded.

SO: so gives results

Example: she is beautiful so she will become famous.

Example: we are late so we need to call the cab.

BOTH … AND: Conjunction BOTH is always followed by AND

Example: He is both intelligent and hard working.

more conjunction updating soon….

Tips and Tricks on Conjunctions

For tips and tricks to solve conjunctions questions, you need to read above examples in detail. For short cut tricks keep visiting website.

updating soon………………

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